So, why did you choose this name? You might ask. The answer is simple and stupid, we want to be a reviewing site and a comedy site, both at once. Its because we think the internet is too fractured, why not have everything cool in one place? It will save us all the clicking and mindless bookmarking to sites we will never open again. The task might seem a little daunting, but we can handle it, maybe.

Why dont you update frequently, huh? We do, atleast we try. We just like to review things which are good or atleast above average, why waste time on things we all know are bad, like Uwe Boll movies (no offence to his enormous multitude of fans) and Godfather 3. So if we don’t review a game or movie, it can mean two things, one it sucks, or two we were just too lazy to do it.

Why are all the youtube videos on song reviews, not of the super cool VEVO, why use everything THAT is not VEVO? Because those VEVO guys didnt allow us (or anyone for that matter) to post youtube VEVO on super cool websites. Why so serious?.

Why are all the reviews you guys wrote really pathetic?, are you really trying to be what your name is? All reviews have a fixed start and end time, that is one hour, after we give a game or movie its time (usually 15 minutes), we sit down and within an hour try to finish a review. By the way what was the question again?, eh!

Ok so you guys have a few reviews, where is the comedy?, my sad and depressing life demands it! We are about to begin it within a few weeks, I know its a long wait but we like to take alot of time to make a perfect final product, kinda like ‘Apple’ does.

“About us” pages are supposed to informative, not this FAQ shit you have just cooked up Next Question!

Ok no more questions, if you would like to ask something please hurry to the feedback page to ask something, I just might be awake and and be able to answer it quickly.

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