Top 10 Android Games


The biggest complaint I hear about android is that it doesn’t have enough games while iOS gets all the good stuff and the droid is always late to the party. Well it turns out there are a lot of gems on android too. Here are the ten best games available as of today. (Note – This article will be updated when new games come out but the list will never exceed ten games, that means old ones will be replaced by new ones.)

So here goes-


Kingdom Rush

Number 10- Kingdom Rush

A unique strategy game that perfectly captures the best parts of the tower defense genre. You are a general of a mythical kingdom charged to defend it against a horde of magical demons. It has some basic story elements, multiple difficulties to challenge yourself in, a charming art style and of course the ability to constantly upgrade and give yourself an edge in the game. It’s a crime not playing this gem. Download here.


Tiny Thief

Number 9- Tiny Thief

I don’t even know how to describe this game, action? puzzle? It’s a mix. With highly detailed and varied levels and an extremely polished presentation this is a must have for android gaming aficionados. It’s pretty approachable (think angry birds) and really really fun. Just get it. Download here.


Arcane Legends

Number 8- Arcane Legends

This game is a little different than the rest, as it is an MMORPG. As in you team up with friends online and do missions together. It is highly addictive and most of all, its free. Download here.


Dead Space

Number 7- Dead Space

I can easily say that this is the only good survival horror game available on the android as of now. Not only that but it’s a damn good game on its own. You play as some scientist who is stuck in some alien infested space ship and is also rapidly losing his own sanity and with that you must survive. It has a strong story and will leave you wanting once you finish it. If you played the PC/Console version, don’t worry, this game has an original story. Download here.


Modern Combat 4

Number 6- Modern Combat 4

An FPS on a mobile phone? Are you crazy? you may ask. Well they pulled it off. This is basically Call of Duty on your phone. With console quality graphics, a fun multiplayer and an interesting single player campaign, this game is the whole package. Download here.


NFS- Most Wanted

Number 5- NFS- Most Wanted

Good graphics? Check, Customization? Check, Awesome sound? Check. This is the most complete racing game you will find on the mobile phone. I was going to recommend Real Racing 3 but they spoiled it with inapp purchases. This game on the other hand will just eat your hours up. Just keep an eye on that battery. Download here.


Rayman Jungle Run

Number 4- Rayman Jungle Run

A fun, charming platformer. It’s a must have. Just get it, you won’t regret it. Download here.


Plague Inc.

Number 3- Plague Inc.

For the evil inside of us all, you unleash a plague on earth, with the intent of wiping out the human race. You can also make a zombie virus, yes it’s that awesome. Download here.


Final Fantasy IV

Number 2- Final Fantasy IV

This is a remake of an old classic, it adds voice and better graphics etc. Now for those of you not familiar with the game (really?!) this is an old school rpg game. It’s pretty lenthy and gets quite tough later on so it’s not a game you would play waiting for your bus but rather sitting at home comfortably (hopefully near a charger) and playing for hours at a time.  I won’t even mention the story because it just has to be experienced, don’t read it here. It’s a pretty expensive game but just go for it, it really is the best android rpg available as of now. Download here.


Game Dev Story

Number 1- Game Dev Story

This was an easy choice, it’s a game about making games. Basically you run a small game development studio and slowly grow in size and make money and gain fame. Then you hire more people to help you speed up the process. It’s fun, it’s addictive and it very easily is the best game on the android platform, money can buy. Download here.


Honorable Mentions – XPlane, Plants vs. Zombies, World of Goo, GTA III, Walking Dead Assault, Earn to Die, The Room, Super Brothers EP.

  • tim0202

    I’m a fans of Tiny Thief!! The game is so addictive! Lot’s of fun to solve problems!

    Btw, I just found another challenging game on Android. Here’s the link: