How to merge your HDD partitions (With download links)


DISCLAIMER- I am not asking you/supporting you/helping you to pirate this program. I am simply helping you install and run this program if you are having problems with downloading. That means I am assuming you have already bought “AOMEI Partition Assistant″ and are here just so I can help you install it. Like I said, I am not helping you if your pirating this program, so if you actually are pirating, and you are caught, you cannot lead them here to this website because we weren’t helping you in the first place. If you are in fact pirating, then you are on your own in case of legal action.


Hey guys so the other day I was cleaning up my PC and came across this part of my hard drive which I was not using and I thought why not just merge it with some other partition. Easy as it may sound it wasn’t possible without me having to format my computer and re-install the windows all over again, and that too was based upon a chance as the Windows Disk Manager has many restrictions. So to save you guys all the fuss I went through I thought I’d write this guide.

So to start:

  • Download the software here.
  • After Installation when you open the software it will have all your drives on the main screen.
  • Right click on which ever drive which you want to keep as the basic drive and click ‘merge partitions’.
  • After that a pop up window will open showing all available drives, simply select the one you want merged and click ‘OK’.
  • Now in the top left corner you’ll see a button that says ‘Apply’ with a tick mark; click on it and it’s done.
  • Check if the partitions are merged and if not then simply restart your computer.
  • Caution: The first time you restart your computer before windows starts you might see a screen which you normally wouldn’t see, don’t worry its just the software running a check and completing the process. This only happens once.

Other than just merging the software can be used to create, convert, hide, format, delete, wipe, re-size, copy, split, merge, and move partitions.

So I hope this was helpful, Cheers!

  • Micheal

    actually 3rd party software is the fastest way to make it. partition wizard is on the top of my list.