Nexus 4 vs The Android Market – Review

Hey guys so I wanted to buy a new phone a couple of days back and had to go through a real fuss to find the ONE. So to save you people from all that hassle I decided to write this.
So what I got for myself was a Nexus 4. The phone is amazing in almost all possible ways you can imagine, this time around Google has done an exceptional job so thumbs up for the guys at Google!
So to start off the phone is extremely fast, unlike anything you would expect. The Nexus 4 comes packed with a 1.5GHz Quad core processor and 2Gb RAM which overall helps to give it a real fast processing speed. Also the Nexus 4 comes with the latest android jellybean update that is the 4.2.2 and an update is expected soon enough and this of course being a Google phone will probably be one of the first devices to get the update. So if you’re one of those people who really like to keep updated on the software front then you’re in luck! Alright so coming to the physical looks the Nexus is really amazing with a majority glass body and the back on it’s own is pretty amazing with the beautiful pattern, the body is pretty thin and makes it easy to hold. The display size is almost the optimum size any user would want a 4.7inch IPS screen; although the size is perfect some users might find the colors a bit dim but not to worry that has it’s fix too, we’ll be coming to that later on.
The battery; many phones these days have this problem with battery not even lasting a whole day and that has many users worried, but the Nexus 4 has a big ass 2100mAh battery which can easily last you a day that is if you’re not playing games all day. Games really suck the life out of the battery but then again that happens on every smart phone.

Those were the good things about the nexus and like everything else this has some cons to it too, actually just one major thing that I would like to point out. That is the memory issue. The device comes with internal storage of 8 and 16Gb and has no options for a memory card. This has some people worried but for me up till now 16Gb has been more than enough. Of course this depends on every user but for most it should be more than enough.

Okay so now coming to the part which most of you have been waiting for is how this device goes up against it’s competition in market.

Firstly comparing with the ones already out there that is with the Samsung galaxy s3 and HTC one x both of which come almost in the same category. Well to be honest this was never a competition for the Nexus 4 as it completely out runs both of these. The Ram the processor all put the Nexus way ahead. Also the price tag that comes with nexus paired with specs is almost like a dream come true. As an example take the s3 which is way over priced for the specs it has to offer.
This is just to give you a gist of what i am referring to. So simple enough the nexus beats the smartphones already out there by a big margin.

Now coming to the newer additions to the market such as the Samsung s4. Now many of you might think that this not a fair comparison but let me just show you what the nexus 4 is capable of. The s4 might have better hardware specs such as the 1.9GHz processor compared to the 1.5GHz of the Nexus but the software of the s4 really lets it down. Although on it’s stock specs the s4 might be better than the nexus but if you install a custom ROM on it, then it certainly changes the balance of things. I’m not going to take your time any longer, so just go ahead and watch this Video and you’ll know for yourself!


So here’s my advice for you, go ahead and buy the LG Nexus 4 and trust me you won’t regret it.


[easyreview title=”Nexus 4″ cat1title=”Performance” cat1detail=”Comes with super fast speed” cat1rating=”4.5″ cat2title=”Display” cat2detail=”Pretty good with a few drawbacks” cat2rating=”4″ cat3title=”Software” cat3detail=”First to get all the updates” cat3rating=”5″ cat4title=”Camera” cat4detail=”Exceptional results” cat4rating=”4″ summary=”Get it ASAP!.”]