Super Simple Guide to a Minecraft Server

After hours and hours of frustration I have come up with a simple three step way to make a minecraft server, for free. Now this article is designed for noobs, so I will gloss over most of the details and not cover any technical points, if you have questions post them in the comments section below and I will help. Also this method is without using hamachi. Now its time to make the server so you can boss around your friends!

Here we go,

Things you need-
1. The Game, duh. (Here is the guide on how to install it, your welcome)
2. Server
3. This thing.


That’s it, now lets make it.

Step 1– Put the “Minecraft_Server.exe” file somewhere and run it. Let it load.



Step 2– Now close it and open the “” file (Open it with notepad). Its going to be automatically created wherever the server file is.


Things you should know-

online-mode = is basically a pirate protection, if its enabled then people with pirated minecrafts cannot join it, disabling it will allow them to join the server. Change the value to “false“.
max-players = is how many people can play at a time, don’t set it too high as it will slow the game down.
pvp = if its true, people can hit each other, if false vice versa.
motd = it’s what the server shall be called, leaving it blank wont do any harm.


Step 3– Install and run the “thing”. It will install some small software, right click it and click copy IP Address.



Step 4– Okay I lied, there are four steps, sue me. Run everything. Yes that’s right, run the server, copy the IP Address and now run minecraft. In minecraft, go to “Multiplayer” and Click “Add Server”. It doesn’t matter what the name is, in the address copy paste the IP address. Now give your friends that IP address too, and join the server and have fun! Your friends don’t need to install and run anything other than the game itself.



NOTE- Everytime, your computer restarts or when your modem restarts, your IP address will probably change, thats why keep the software running and use the latest one. Dont worry though, all the work you and your friends put in the game would carry on to the new IP address.



Now join the server and have fun!



Something went wrong? Its okay. Help is here.


It says “Cant Find Server”, please help!

Relax, there are two things you have to do, 1- Make sure your firewall is allowing “25565” to access the net. (Or just turn off the firewall for a while), 2- Portforward this “25565” with TCP, click here for a port forwarding guide. That should fix it, if it doesn’t, post in the comments.

The server is so damn slow!

First make sure you arent downloading anything, secondly go to where the you put the Minecraft_Server.exe, and make a text file. Open it and paste this inside it “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -jar “Minecraft_Server.exe” , With the quotes. Now this address points to where my Java is installed in my 64 bit windows. If yours is different, change the address accordingly. Now save this text file as a .bat file. Now run it. You should see a black box open up besides the server, that’s normal. This will speed up your server.


I will add more answers if you guys have issues. Happy Hunting!

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