How to install Minecraft 1.5.2 (with download links)

DISCLAIMER- I am not asking you/supporting you/helping you to pirate this game. I am simply helping you install and run this game if you are having problems with downloading from Mojang. That means I am assuming you have already bought “Minecraft″ and are here just so I can help you install it. Like I said, I am not helping you if your pirating this game, so if you actually are pirating, and you are caught, you cannot lead them here to this website because we weren’t helping you in the first place. If you are in fact pirating, then you are on your own in case of legal action.


This is a very easy and fast method (updated 6 June 2013 for 1.5.2):

  • First of all download this link: Here
  • Install the game.
  • Before running download this Patcher.
  • Run the patcher and click OK to the warning message it gives and follow the instructions to patch your game.
  • For better graphics this is a Mod.
  •  After downloading the mod link DO NOT unzip it just copy the zip file into this directory: “username/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/texturepacks”
  • In some cases you might not have a the ‘texturepacks’ folder in the ‘.minecraft’ folder, don’t worry just make a new folder with the name ‘texturepacks’ and copy it there.
  • After you’ve done the above proceed to run your game, the first time you run the game it will have the same original graphics. You might be wondering why the texture pack didn’t work well you have to do just one more thing.
  • Go to options/ texture packs and select the texture pack named ‘’ and click done. Now you’ll notice the menu tile colors change to brown and better graphics. 

Here’s a difference the mod makes on the graphics:

 Untitled-1 copy

Also some important settings for smoother gameplay:

  • In options/video settings make sure advanced OpenGl is open.
  • Also set the performance to ‘max fps’.
  • Set the rest of the settings according to your PC specifications as some computers start to lag at higher graphic settings.


This guide will be updated when the new version comes out!