Tropico 4 Review

Tropico 4 Main

The Tropico series was always extremely addictive for me. I have played every single Tropico game and expansion pack. And I have come to realize that Tropico 4 isnt a big improvement over Tropico 3 (Gold Edition).

Same Graphics Tropico 4

It looks kinda good here, But believe me the graphics are the same as Tropico 3.

As a matter of fact the improvements are so minor that, when I started playing Tropico 4 I thought that accidently installed my old Tropico 3 again. It’s more like Tropico 3.5 or some lazy expansion pack rather than a full blown sequel. Same graphics (I played it on ‘maximum’ by the way), same music, some new missions and some new buildings. No major changes, but now you can have a ministry, even though it doesn’t really have a purpose (just like real life) and is too expensive to maintain, until you get a robust enough economy. Some new super powers with painfully obvious stereotypes are added (Middle East ‘gifted’ me some camels once and told me to make an oil well). The other two are China and Europe.

Same old.

If you skipped Tropico 3, then get this. If you played Tropico 3 already then you can safely skip this and not feel ripped off like I am feeling right now. The game is still really fun though, and I really enjoyed making communist utopias. It’s still an improvement over Tropico 3. Control scheme is slightly different/better. The radio also doesn’t really mock you as much as it did before, whether that’s a good or bad thing is relative on you, but for me, I hated it.  I give this game a


3 out of 5