BF3 vs. MW3 Rant





A lot of people in recent times have been stating that this would be Call of Duty’s (COD) last best selling game, and along with that statement saying that Battlefield will now rule the First-person shooters and will wipe CoD completely out of the First-person shooter franchises, I disagree.

First of all Battlefield was firstly made as a PC game, meaning that even though it would be released on the consoles, its full potential would always be held on by the PC. This implies that there is a vast difference between BF3 on the PC and BF3 on your gaming console such as your Ps3 or Xbox 360, the graphics, fluidity and the smoothness of BF3 on the PC is highly superior to the same factors on your gaming console. Thus, all the trailers, gameplays and walkthrough’s you have seen have all been played on the PC, therefore you would not know whether BF3 will be as good as it looks on the consoles as it does on the PC.

Secondly there has also been another factor that has been talked about alot in the recent days which is Frames per Second. Frames per second is basically the fluidity and the smoothness of the game, CoD has always been on 60 frames per second since CoD 4, and has been extremely smooth, yes the graphics were not as great as you hoped they would have been, but the movement had been extremely loveable, people have to understand that having both amazing graphics and an amazing fps rate is almost impossible, one has to be higher then the other, for example if you want a higher fps then you have a worse quality of graphics, if you want a higher quality of graphics the you will have to have a lower amount of fps. BF3 will be running on 30 FPS, it might have outstanding graphics but the fluidity of the game may not be as good as MW3’s.

A lot of people have also been complaining the fact that CoD has been running the same engine since CoD 4 and demand a new engine. I find that something CoD should not even think about until the next gen of consoles come. These people don’t realize how much editing to an engine is done before the a game is released, and every year it’s edited differently. Therefore there is no need to change any engine on CoD’s behalf.

Something which BF3 have which MW3 does not are dedicated servers, these are servers which help you get an almost perfect connection while playing online multiplayer, this is something which CoD extremely requires. Now, CoD black ops multiplayer is one of the most unfair things ever made, if you have a better connection you are the better player, if MW3 actually takes dedicated servers into consideration it could be an amazing game in the making.

Conclusion, this will definitely not be the last CoD best selling game, but BFBC will be an extremely tough challenge ahead of it. If you can’t decide which one to buy, buy neither of the games on release date test both the games out and then decide which one you would rather own., or you could simply just buy both.


  • Urmom

    BFBC? its BF3, its diferent aaaaaaaaaaaaaa