Deaf International Basketball Federation


As basketball has been increasing popular among elite deaf athletes around the world, several International and national basketball competitions have already been held for several years under an international organisation of sports for the Deaf – Deaflympics which also governs and manage several other sports, World Championships and Deaflympic Games. That’s rated in the top 10 watched sports in a number of countries.

On Saturday 2nd May 1998 in Turkku, Finland, the first provisional board consisted of President Jussi Raiso of Finland, Vice-President Aleksas Jasiunas of Lithuania, Secretary Christian Boklund of Sweden and Board Member Riina Kuusk of Estonia.

In this meeting, together with Adviser Kjell Gunnå of Sweden, they have recommended that we need a world governing body for international deaf basketball, so this can be focused entirely on the core and to improve the standards and the well beings of deaf basketballers around the world. However, this also involves us for the sake of their funds, in order that they may continue.

With this special establishment meeting, they have founded ‘International Deaf Basketball Association’ (IDBA) and constructed the first IDBA Constitution with Statutes and Regulations, and finally started informing other deaf people interested in basketball around the world.

On Friday 27th July 2001, a successful official meeting was taken to ‘officially’ establish its organisation and elected new board from different corners of the globe. This meeting was taken place at Rome, Italy during the 19th Deaflympic Games.

I mean seriously! Deaf basketball is actually a great thing to promote. It is a great undertaking in history, as a chance for the mentally disabled to shine in this world of ours.