Wimbledon 2011



Wimbledon 2011
As all of you tennis addicts out there are aware of the current Tennis Grandslam “Wimbledon” is on the run, you are definitely receiving shocking, yet thrilling results. The tournament has dated back to over a hundred and eleven years, and the young guns have started to take big shots and appear to be successful year after year.

This year, As expected, The top 4 seeds, that is Rafael Nadal (1), Novak Djokovic (2), Roger Federer (3) aswell as Andy Murray (4) have easily proceeded quite easily. But to our surprsise, the Almighty and “manly” William Sisters AKA Venus and Serena Williams have had their asses wooped by Partoli and Pironkova, Venus losing “6-2 6-3” and Serena losing “6-3 7-6” Not to forget, Caroline Wozniacki, the top womens’ seed has also been knocked out.
These results were a real pain in the arse. I was personally happy with the Williams losing but Caroline Wozniacki? I mean that top seed hasn’t even won a single grandslam yet!!. Well, this in a way is a good sign as many young players are emerging victorious against the experienced, giving them grand opportunities in this tournament.
Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic storm pass Richard Gasquet and Llodra in straight sets. However, Federer stumbled in the first set, but managed to come back and beat Mikhail Youzhny in 4 sets. Nadal is also in the Quarter Finals, as he beats Argentinian Del Potro in straight sets.
The top 4 seeds are through to the quarter finals. Who will be the other 4, challenging the Big 4 for the battle till the end? Now all we can do is wait and see. Things are heating up now. Keep watching as you will be further surprised by the excellent game which will be put up by the players in the upcoming days. GO FEDERER!! (I don’t want to offend anyone, he’s my favourite.. after MURRAY!)
I shall catch you guys with another review hopefully soon. Until then, ADIOS!