Roger Federer – The End?



Recent events have brought about many rumors concerning the end of the living tennis legend, Roger Federer. Critics say that the player can’t go on. They believe that he is nearly done with his career and should be reaching retirement soon.

Over the past year and a half, Roger has failed to win a single grandslam. He was always disappointed in the final stages by the upcoming young guns, Novak Djokovic, currently seeded #1 as well as Rafael Nadal, who fell to #2 after losing to Novak recently in the 111th Wimbledon final, which was held a few months ago.

Roger Federer has held a massive record in his tennis career. He achieved the record of most grandslams in tennis, which was previously held by the American “Pete Sampras” with an outrageous number of 15. It was however thrashed by Roger, as he defeated yet another American “Andy Roddick” in the Wimbledon 2009, to secure the record, as well as his 6th Wimbledon victory. He has also won the other 4 grandslams often, which are “French Open, Australian Open and the US Open”.

In his recent interview, Federer appreciated Jo Wilfred Tsonga’s game, who defeated him in the Wimbledon Quarter Finals. He also answered many FAQ’s and told the world that he won’t be going anywhere. He stated that he was only half way his career and was now going to train harder than ever before. This was a huge sigh of relief for all the Roger Federer fans across the globe including myself. Let’s hope for the best of Federer.

Roger is currently playing a tournament, in which, he has a great opportunity to prove himself yet again, now that Nadal, his rival has been eliminated in the 1st round. What we can do is pray for the phenomenon and hope that what he said in his conference will definitely come true.


Above, Federer lifts his record breaking 16th grandslam title.