Imagine your on a tropical utopia the sun, the sand, the pretty women, well take that idea and flush it down the toilet because Brink takes that utopia and adds slums, a group of die hard terrorists, and a tough as nails yet all to ready to kill captain of security forces and you get the fucked up utopia that is the Ark which in turn is Brink.


The Story of Brink is surprisingly deep for a mainly multiplayer game. The story revolves around a massive, man made island called the Ark. The Ark was built to be a secluded paradise for the rich and famous but when the worlds water rises the Ark is forced to become a refuge to more than 50,000 exceeding its 5,000 limit. Food, water, and electricity rationing is put in to place and the “guests” who are the people who arrived after the water rose are segregated from the founders and the aristocrat class. The Security is a military like organization, run by the ex-South African police chief Captain Mokoena, which is there to keep the guests in check. The Resistance is an insurgent group, led by Brother Chen wants to leave the Ark and go back to whatever land they can find, little do they know that savages inhabit the lands they once lived on and the Security are in fact trying to protect the Arks inhabitants. The story is very much like the Russian revolution and is surprisingly good with plenty of twists and turns to keep one enthralled with the short campaign. The games atmosphere varies greatly from map to map some being futuristic, clean, and down right cool to the dirty, filthy and outstanding battlefields such as the slums. The variation of environments is refreshing and the themes of the maps are dark and realistic for such an intense story.




The game is a classic tactical shooter which is not necessarily a good thing as there are many like it but a few unique aspects make it stand out.  The game employs the SMART movement system which allows you to leap over boxes and climb over fences and so on so forth and it works very well and is pretty cool. The game is realistic and unrealistic at the same time. The realism stems from the movment system as you moves as some one would in real life, I mean seriously when have you ever got stuck behind a knee high box like you do in so many tactical shooters, in this game you elegantly leap over obstacles like a Olympic medalist. Shotgun blasts knock you over and fences are no longer your enemy as you can easily climb them. Your body weight, which comes in three types light, medium, and heavy, also effect your movement meaning a light body weight can traverse higher obstacles and jump farther distances than a medium or heavy but has to carry lighter weapons. The medium can jump over most things his own height but can carry assault rifles, the heavy is a fat bastard and like most fat bastard can’t jump for shit but can wield some big ass devas-fucking-stating weapons. Now the unrealistic part stems from the fact that it takes like 20 bullets point blank to kill an enemy. You would think that makes kills satisfying but unfortunately it makes slaying your mortal enemies a chore. Now the real treat of this game is customization which is really the one thing this game gets completely right. The system is a basic you level you get new apparel, weapons are unlocked by completing challenges. The challenges are an interesting deviation but are too easy and sometimes too short and are never played just to be played but are more considered a chore to unlock new attachments. Now almost everything from look to gun can be customized, the clothing choices are for aesthetic purposes and no matter how tactical looking or tough looking it doesn’t do shit but make you look cool. I mean admittedly it was kind of cool having my guy wearing a digi-camo tactical vest and a matching uniform is awesome, partly because I am a loyal American and want to join the US Army but that is irrelevant, its still cool customizing the looks of your hardened Security member or Insurgent. The weapons are also highly customizable with up to four slots for weapon improving goodies: a barrel slot for muzzle brakes and silencers, a scope slot, well for, scopes, a slot for under barrel goodies like grips, slings and grenade launchers and finally there are clip enhancements like extended magazines and so forth. Maps are generally non-linear and there are multiple paths for victory. There are 4 classes, the soldier aka the explosive expert, the engineer aka the guy who fixes shit and sets turrets, the medic, if you need an explanation of this one your fucking retarded, and the operative who is a unique butterfly as he interrogates fallen enemies and hacks terminal. Throughout each map at different stages of the level different classes are needed like after a door is blown up by a soldier, a terminal will need to be hacked by an operative then a safe will have to be cracked by an engineer which keeps all classes in demand. This sounds like it will keep players engaged in theory but in realty the stages for different classes are too far apart to keep all in demand and the medic is always in demand for obvious reasons. Each class has perks which can be leveled and there are some cool one but in terms of usefulness they are nil except for the engineers turrets.



In terms of graphics this game is solid of course it would look better on an HDTV but if you don’t have one it looks pretty good. The graphics are in a cartoony style reminiscent of Borderlands and look cool although sometimes when you spawn for a minute the map is untextured which happens often. There are a lot of graphical problems which make this game feel rushed and unpolished but there are a lot of moments when you will be wowed by the maps and the graphics don’t disappoint you but as I said these are moments.



This game has a great story which is extremely engaging for a multiplayer-type game but with a sub-par gameplay experience and a plethora of graphical issues it feels rushed and its potential is not reached the only parts of the game that really stand out are the customization, the story, and the SMART system aside from that this game was a huge disappointment from a company like Bethesda who’s products are always fun and high in standard.