ScreenFlow is a screen recording software its pretty damn good but most people do not know how to export their videos in HD. This will guide you through the steps to export HD.

Ok so what you need to do is record what you want to post on youtube do all your editing in the timeline. After your done you need to export the video go to file, click export a screen will pop up.

Your present should be set to Web – High  mine says customized because I have customized it. Ok so now you click customize another window will pop up.

Click video settings and yet another window will pop up.

Here you see the compressor square in the bottom left change the quality from High to Best. The compression type H.264 click ok. it will take you back to the customize window here you click filter and a window should pop up make sure the filter is set to none. Then click ok. It will again take you back to the customize from here you click size this will open another window.

Your dimensions should be different so just change them to 1289 x 720 HD

When done click ok it will once again take you to the customize window there you must now click sound settings this will open up another window (don’t worry almost done).

Now your settings would be different in the Render Settings change the quality to Better Change the Target Bit Rate to 192 then click ok. Now this is the last and most important step when your at the customize window click scale to custom size.

Now see the height is set to 800 this you need to change to 720 then click Export YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!! Good job now this could take a while but the final result will be amazing and really HD the time it will take to export depends on the video size. If it takes to long simply go back to the video settings and change the quality from best to in the middle of high and best then it should go just a bit faster.