Limbo a game most of us have heard of but there are a few people that have no idea, this will give those people an idea of what the game is like.







This game was developed by Playdead the game was released in july 2010. The game limbo is a side scroll puzzle game, which means that you can move right, left, up and down. the game is based on an unnamed boy who wakes up in a forest. now as you move forward the puzzles in this game get harder and harder. There are some puzzles that are easy to do there are some that will make you think a bit and there are some that will strain your mind.

In this game you have unlimited lives the boy actually died more than i expected so if your character dies alot its completly normal. the game saves automatically. It has an interesting story and as we progress further in the game we realize that the boy is actually looking for his sister.

The puzzles in this game are moderate not to hard and not to easy. The game is very fun to play and its addicting, plus if your not sure you want to buy the full version then there is a demo that you can download for free on your Xbox 360 or PS3, except in the demo version the game does not save your progress. This game makes the player think super outside the box for some levels and for other levels the player has to use his common sense.

If you think that you will get bored of it after playing a couple of chapters than your wrong each new chapter has completely different puzzles and will keep the player entertained for hours. The only way you can get bored of it is if you finish it and play it all over again.

The game begins in a jungle then later progresses on into a city. The puzzles in the jungle are very easy compared to the ones in the city, because in the city you will have to deal with machines, magnetism, and electricity. While in the jungle the most you will do is use a box to reach a very high rope, or use traps to out smart a giant spider.

The game it self is only 94 mb so it will hardly take up any space on your PS3 or Xbox 360 the game is cheap its like $5 and i guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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    Who the hell wrote this “article”?  It has the grammar of a 10 year old.  Have someone else with decent English skills proofread your work before putting it on the internet, this article is just awful.

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    Terrible review, not to mention inaccurate… This should never have been published – certainly not without being proof read, anyway.