Atlus who were the creators of this game have released their first HD title, Catherine.

Persona had actually focused on the story and the characters of the game, which were well made, they focused on these details so much they actually left out the genre of the game and such important details as that. As each trailer past, it did not describe important details such as genre but mainly focused on Characters and the story as i said earlier.

The story of this game is basically, the main character Vincent, is stuck in a tragic love triangle, he has a girlfriend Katherine and she wants to take life to the next level but Vincent is not prepared for that, so they don’t talk for a while, as Vincent has a habit to get drunk with his friend every night, one night he gets drunk and this meets this girl Catherine (with a C) and they sleep together and now Vincent is outraged by the fact that he had been cheating on his girlfriend, he has nightmares, these nightmares are actually the gameplay. And that is basically an outline of the whole game, it may sound boring or lame but the story of this came out actually a well worked job by the producers,even the characters have specific features which are also well worked by the producers.

Now onto the gameplay, as i said earlier the story and characters were a job well done, the gameplay was awful i mean if you are a matured person who is not into puzzle games, you would absolutely hate this game everything is perfect but the gameplay ruins a lot of parts of the game.

This game would be okay for a child but it also wouldn’t be okay for a child as it has sexual scenes and what not.

To wrap it up this game is great from the story and the characters are also well worked on but the gameplay is just a atrocious i mean if you really need a game and you have nothing better to do i still suggest, if you are a matured person, do not waste your hard earned cash on this game.

Rating 3.5 out of 5