This is a guide on how to install more creeps and weirdos mod for minecraft on the mac again this is for mac only.

Ok so first i dont think this will work for the cracked version but you can try. you need to download









Gui API,

Mo’ Creeps mod,


Now after downloading all these files you need to install mod loader the way to do this is open up the modloader folder and copy every thing inside it.

When copied open a new finder window and click users then click your name or what ever you named your user, then click library, then click application support, and then find a folder that says minecraft go in to it click the bin folder and you will see a minecraft.jar file right click on it and open it with archive utility (it comes pre installed with every mac) it will create a new folder that you can open. It will be called minecraft, save the old java minecraft.jar file as a back up somewhere else like the desktop or something.

Rename the minecraft folder that was made to minecraft.jar it will ask you if you want to add .jar you click Add

Then open the file, in this find a folder that says META INF delete this file. Now paste the files from the mod loader in the minecraft.jar that you made. It will ask you if you want to replace files say replace to all.

Then you need to install the Gui API all you have to do is open the file that you downloaded

and copy everything from it and paste it in the minecraft.jar folder that you made. When you do this it will again ask you if you want to replace say yes to all.

Now you need to install Audio Mod open the folder it will have three things in it

Select the yo.class file copy and paste it in the minecraft.jar file that you made earlier (replace if it asks) then go back to the Audio Mod folder open paulscode, then open sound, then open codecs and copy the file in the codecs folder and go to the minecraft.jar file and then find a folder in the minecraft.jar that says paulscode open it and open sound folder then open codecs and paste the file you copied. after that go back to the Audio Mod then copy the folder (not the inside the folder) that says Ibxm and paste it in the minecraft.jar. Now you just installed the Mod Supporters that will allow you to install mods. the hard part is over close all the windows you opened. Open minecraft (The Game) if you dont get a black screen it probably worked now to check if you did everything correctly open the options from the main menu if you see a bar that says Global Mod Settings

THEN YOU DID IT!!!!, but if you got a black screen and minecraft didnt work theres something that you did wrong your gonna have to do it all over again i know it sucks but what you gonna do. now for those of you for which it worked you read on.

This is when you actually install the Mods the mo creeps and weirdos mod that you downloaded you need to use unrar and extract it to your dest top or downloads folder just somewhere where you can open it. After extracting the file open it there should be two folders there.

Open the first folder and inside click mods in the mods folder there should be two files


Copy both of them and go to your minecraft folder [Finder, User (your user), Library, Application Support, then minecraft] there should be a folder that says mods open it and paste the two files in it. Go back to  the more creeps and weirdos folder click the first file then click the resources folder, then open mod folder in it open the sound folder. Now you should see a folder that says creepsounds copy it and Go to the minecraft folder in your application support folder and you will see a folder that says resources open it then open mod folder then open the sound folder and paste the creepsounds folder again not the contents of the folder the actual folder. and well your done. now the momment of truth open your minecraft application sign in and if it works YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you follow all these steps precisely it should work. when your in the game look around for some creeps they might not be around but you have to search for them.

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    usless, I want to know HOW TO UNRAR it