Lets be honest, sometimes something really good and important for us gets ignored like it never existed for example the multivitamin shelf in the local supermarket. So here is a list of the best games overlooked by most of us.

10. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2,PSP) – The game of fears.

This was a time when games had a solid theme, when they didn’t try to be a jack of all trades. You saved the princess in Mario and you killed Dracula in Castlevania but this game took chances, because it was School Sim/Demon killing dungeon crawling game with strong elements of customization. Primarily we can call it a RPG but it was so much more. Get it on the PSP while you still can.


9. Mother 3/Earthbound 2 (GBA,SNES) – One of the first “modern” RPG’s.

This was a strange game. For one thing its not even in English, to get it in English you need to get the game ROM and patch it unofficially. But that aside, this was a modern game in the sense that it feels like they live in the same time as us. They use baseball bats to fight etc. The story was also kind of screwy. Its hard to describe, buy it if you know Japanese or get a ROM and translate it to English.


8. Any Harvest Moon Game  (Everything under the sun) –  Before Farmville we had this.

This was a farming game, but a deep and addictive farming game. And let me tell you this is better than Farmville any day. You can ride horses, marry, have children, call on Goddesses for help, have multiple romances, fish, participate in local tournaments, upgrade you equipment, mine ores (minecraft any one?), cut trees, relax in a spa. Shoo, let me catch my breath. You get the point, you just cant share your crops with friends but maybe the new wii versions have that feature. Get it on anything, the formula has not changed much from the last 5 years, but I prefer the GBA version maybe because I am old fashioned. Avoid the DS versions though, most are crap.


7. World Ends With You  (DS) –  A stylish game.

A unique gem made by Square Enix. You wake up in some shopping district of Tokyo and have no memory of what happened. And then you are forced into a game where your very existence depends on you winning. It had a innovative fighting system where you controlled two characters at once, and a rich story. Get it off the bargain bin, but don’t miss it.


6. Dwarf Fortress (PC) –Complex as shit.

This is a game which will scare away a few people, and I recommend that you use guides for it. But this game is amazing once you understand it. You basically control a colony of dwarfs who make themselves a castle and defend it against baddies, and its impossible to win, you just have to last as long as possible, kinda like Call of Duty Zombie mode.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS,PSP,IOS) –

This game is on par with GTA 4 in terms of story and gameplay, but without the ‘social’ aspect (which is a good thing). Admit it, getting constant calls from Roman to go bowling was annoying as hell, even though we loved him. This game ditched that, while making you phone something of a PDA. This game allowed you to go into the drug business, its all demand and supply baby. And had alot of lovable characters. Get it on the IOS or the PSP (if you have to), ditch the DS (graphics looked like it was made in 1990).



4.  Psychonauts (PC,PS2,Xbox,Xbox 360) –

A friend of mine forced me to play it some time back, and I still respect him for introducing a good game to me. Its basically a 3D platformer with a good story and was made by Ole Tims (Tim Schafer), so you can be sure that you cant go wrong with this game. It has some other interesting things too but I wont spoil it. But I will tell you one thing, you go inside other peoples minds. Remind you of something? (Inception). Get it on the xbox 360.


3. Beyond Good and Evil (PS2,PC,Xbox,GameCube,XBLA,PSN) –

You have probably heard of this game, well its as good as you have heard it to be. Good story (twist ending), good gameplay and makes you feel like playing something unique. It was released during a time of over saturation on the ps2 market, that’s why it bombed, don’t let sales number fool you, the game is brilliant. It has been recently remastered and released on PSN and XBLA costing only 10 bucks. Its a bargain, get it.


2. Castlevania-  Symphony of the Night (PS,Sega Saturn,XBLA,PSN) – A time when liking vampires/draculas didnt make you look gay.

I love this game. Amazing soundtrack, cheesy voice acting, nice story and OMG! gameplay. This game had it all. It has a sense of timelessness and excruciating difficulty later on, an old school classic, plus you kill Dracula in it, SOLD!. It has been re-released on the PSN and the XBLA, get it if you missed it, it was like 7 bucks last I checked.


1. Ico/Shadow of the Colossus  TIE  (PS2,PS3) – The two games that defined the ps2 era.

These two games are so good that I couldn’t rate one on top of the other. So I tied them, meaning that you have to play both. Both of them had unique and amazing graphics. The picture you see off is of Shadow of the Colossus. In that you are tasked with killing colossi, to save your love, with a sick twist ending. Its like a alternate universe version of God of War. Ico on the other hand, you guide a princess through some castle to safety and it plays like a coop game, which is not coop (as most puzzles need you to take the help of the quiet princess, and you cant let her be controlled by a friend). Either way if you missed them, you haven’t lived. But you can get it on the ps3, as they are about to be remastered and released shortly, but I don’t know what they will remaster as the graphics were already ahead of their time.


That was all, if you think I left out some good games, or could have skipped some the games mentioned, then post on the comments section below.

  • Gerza9

    Psychonauts is not available on the 360, its a PC/PS2/Xbox game, not 360, only via backwards compatibility.

    • You can get it off the Xbox Originals program, its a digital download.

  • legacycf

    TWEWY is by far the best DS game I’ve ever played. I rented it on a whim, and was instantly hooked. Definitely worth the money I spent buying it afterwards. 

  • Jared

    Just a Heads up, I believe on the PAL version of ICO, (which is actually the versionthat will be shipping with the PS3 ICO/SotC HD Collection worldwide)…once you beat the game, a 2nd player can opt to control the princess (though you can’t really do a lot…) I also believe the ending on the PAL Version was different.

    • Woah!, that will be cool to experiment with. And I didnt know about the different ending, thanks for telling me that.