This song was released on July 9th 2007The album version is 2 minutes and 59 seconds long which was all i could take.

The Way I Are is a classical timberland song. Its inspiring that even though this guy has no money (by the way he has a lot of money, its not even funny) a girl would actually stay with him and she reminds him how she doesnt care about the money (believe me that is a lie)


The song had a great meaning, classic dating tips and how to impress the ladies with the “I AM POOR , BUT I CAN LOVE YOU” (ladies dont fall for the “IM POOR BUT I CAN LOVE YOU” line)line, but the music video, hmmm what to say besides that it was freaking, PATHETIC. I mean seriously, Timberland is standing there in an expensive suite with bodyguards and he has no freaking money and besides that they put constipated weirdos playing football in suites i might add ( who the hell plays football in a suite??), I mean how does that relate to the damn song?


. It was a good song all around though and the lyrics were ok i guess but with the background music this song is a timberland masterpiece and it really got to my sensitive side and no not in my pants but in my heart… just kidding..what did you expect


Final Verdict

The song was a great pick me up, and showing that love has no bounds, well I don’t believe that cause if your rich you will get a hot piece of ass but it was a good song full of hope something this world needs, if your poor you should listen to this song cause it gives you hope for something that will never happen, but you can keep dreaming fools!.

Well I’ll give this song a 3/5