The zombie maps in Call Of Duty really disappointed me. I mean why the hell cant they be simple and not so complicated I mean with all the different types of zombies and the pack a punch I mean cant anyone survive without pack a punching. Kino der toten was the best out of all of these zombie maps because it was the most simple.The next thing I really hate is the stupid random box. It keeps on screwing everyone over by giving stupid weapons like ballistic knives and crossbows I mean people go to the random box so they can get good weapons if they won’t allow the random box to give us good weapons each time then they should put them on the wall like on the wall of the first room there should but the ray gun for like 5000 points. These people have also taken out classic weapons like the bar and the amazing MG 42.  



Playing this game I have made up nicknames for all the zombies like the ones who run with their arms flying around they are called retards and the ones that walk like they are in a marching band are called hitlers and the crawlers are called buddies because they are cute and the ones that grab for you are called desperadoes because they are desperate.

Don’t we all miss the time where we were in a small house and that from the random box we always had a good chance of getting good weapons and also the zombies in the old game which is Nacht der Untoten.

Now the worst map Five because its complete chaos which I like but not in zombies because I want to get far but that crappy map is basically designed to make sure you don’t get far in the game and there is a stupid pentagon thief who keeps stealing your guns.

Now what I hate in the game is that they barely give any new weapons and they are adamant to let u keep your cola perks after dying which is really annoying and really destroys our chance of getting far. Now if you thought zombies were enough now these nonsense dogs have started to show up but the good thing is they bear a max ammo at the end of the round if u survive and these furry pieces of shit only die like a proper dog if you have a shotgun and if you don’t I only got two words for you “your screwed.”

now everyone hates ascension so there is no point at all to discuss it but i thought it was alright because its a good map all round and there should be more maps just like it plus its pictures look pretty damn cool. So remember ascension is a good map so dont listen to everyone else who says that this map is a waste

Call of the dead must be discussed because the creators have added a twist in it, they have put a boss in it who by the way you will never be able to kill so besides that this map sucks anyway I mean what happened to the classic graveyard maps and everything that we used to enjoy so much and our neighborhood arcade I also hate the people who play zombies always talking about strategies and fighting about who opens the door believe me it pisses me off.



Believe me if you want to play zombies these new maps suck so bad that even I would put a gun to my head and shoot myself.