So a while ago I heard of this game called minecraft seemed pretty interesting so I downloaded it and I was not disappointed it was so simple yet so awesome so later in the coming days I heard of a new game that was called terraria they said the game was inspired by minecraft and that it was a good game so I decided to check what all the fuss was about I downloaded it and quiet frankly the game is very confusing to me. Now some people say that terraria is a great game and that its simply amazing and that might be true but let me tell you some thing its not, ORIGINAL. If all games were really similar then the whole concept of gaming would change.This game is mostly the same as minecraft they have taken the bare idea of minecraft and presented it to people as a new game, but I think that they took the idea minecraft made a game and added so much useless stuff that it gets so confusing that your mind gets blown just trying to figure it out. You might think I’m exaggerating let me give you a list of “JUST” the monsters in minecraft and the monsters in terraria.

Now compare your self which one do you think is more simple and if you think that being simple is bad and that terraria is “fun” because of its complexity then I have a question for you why is the game 2D? If they wanted to make such a complex game then why didn’t they focus on graphics?

Terraria would have been an amazing game if it had not been 2D if it had the graphics of a game like metal gear solid of something like that it would have been an amazing game but I think putting so much stuff into the game while its 2D isn’t going to make sense compare out of the two which one do you think looks better.

      A Tunnel in Terraria 

A Tunnel in Minecraft

Trees in Terraria 

Trees in Minecraft

Water in terraria 

Water in Minecraft

Minecraft looks like it might be hard and terraria looks like a game for small children but they are the exact opposite. Both of these games are really interesting but I’m going to side with Minecraft on this well because they thought of it first it. I can sit here and argue for hours on how they aren’t similar or how much they are but at the end of the day its all about an idea which notch stole first from Infiniminer.

  • Guest.

    Pathetic review. You sir are a fool.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, but this was not a review, it was a comparison.

  • OP

    You’re actually retarded, and you should never write a review about a video game again. You don’t know anything about simplicity, nor complexity. Part of what makes terraria so great, is the fact that it is 2D

    • Strobe21

      Terria would have been great…..15 years+ ago, before 3D games were invented. Dummy.

  • Durp

    “but at the end of the day its all about an original idea which notch had first.”

    I honestly hope that you’re fired for that statement. You really live up to your website’s name.

    Get educated before you attempt to act like you know something.

  • Hurp

    really man? I think you’re missing the entire point of terraria, which is the 2d simplicity of it. The 2d makes for a really simple game mechanics and movement, even the fighting is straightforward and very linear. However, because it is so simple, you have to refine your skills a lot because there’s not much room for improvement, besides precision. As for who actually came up with the idea, it does not matter in the least bit. Is age of empire better than starcraft because it revolutionized the genre? No. Just because a game was revolutionary, does not mean it is entitled to be the best, by any means. Really, the complexity is what makes the game better than minecraft in my opinion. One would think that because minecraft is 3d it is more complex, yet is the opposite. Because minecraft is 3d it is less diverse than the world of terraria. More monsters, bosses, and dungeons are what make terraria a better game, and if you disagree, you probably suck at terraria. I got about five of my friends to buy terraria when it was on sale, all of which play minecraft. Four of the five quit playing because they kept getting owned in the rock layer, they couldn’t hang. Terraria is just better, but of course that’s just my opinion, others could make the same argument

    • This is the classic philosophical conundrum of idea vs execution. Minecraft gave the idea, Terraria tried to execute it. Now Minecraft gives the sense of freedom because its 3d, while Terraria actually made me feel restricted. Terraria tries to be more focused than Minecraft, but there it loses its point. These games are like lego and sims, you make your own goals. Terraria tells you to do stuff. Now at this point its a matter of personal preference but I enjoy freedom any day.

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    you are right minecraft made some stuff then terraria did the same thing but i’m not saying that they stole from minecraft but they made minecraft more realistict then i thought at the start i thought that minecraft was a game with robots and i thought that was stupid but when i knew what it was i just played it all the time and i’m stille playing now 

  • justsomeguy

    Terraria is inspired by Super Mario Bros…
    The creator of Terraria, Redigit, was working on a huge super mario bros game but got canceled because nintendo was making a problem of its copyright infringement. The game was called Super mario bros X look it up.

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    LOL you forgot like 10 mobs or something like that:
    1.-zombie pigman
    2.-Magma cube
    7.-Cave spider
    p.s. I know a lot of them were not in that time but slime was, zombie pigman also.

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  • MineCrap

    Minecraft modding community: “OMG, I CAN MAEK A STRING! IMMA MAEK A COOL MOODDD!!!” *One week later, Mod is dead*
    Terraria modding community: “Okay, I got that string to work… That’s a start, I better keep practicing before I make an actual mod.” *Mod survives through the fire and the flames*
    Alternate Terraria modding community: “I will make stuff that people have been requesting a lot, and that will leave the work half done for the developers!” *Mod gets made, plenty of its content goes into the main.*



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    FUCK MINECRAFTIANS I don’t mind Terraria though.

  • Elisonn Rus

    Terraria came out first noobs minecraft took alot of stuff from there like floating islands(they were canceled thought) mushroom biomes…and the most thing i hate is the 1.8… its like notchs said ”Well, LOOK FANBOYS!!! Terraria ”copied” minecraft go scream at them while im gonna copy them…mahahhahahh”(im saying that about the bunnies and banners and armor stands that were added in 1.8