Now let me give you a simple ass review, even though im behind time , cuz i was too busy enjoying the album that was released in England on June the 13th and in USA & Canada June the 14th.

Im gonna give you a brief review on each song according to track list,

1. Welcome To Hell : Now this song is just as a simple intro but it is in the form of an announcement , lyrically that is. Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 explain there entrance. And the way Eminem/ Evil ends this song, with ” Welcome To The Cd” … was an amazing touch to the beginning of this Album .

2. Fast Lane : Now this song is composed by “

Ryan Montgomery/Dwayne Chin-Quee/Luis Resto/Jason Gilbert/Sylvester Jordan”

now if that list is short i dont know what world you boys live in ;). This song is amazing lyrically and also according to flow, although i have noticed there are some versions on youtube that have a quicker tempo according to the original song which is quite slow, which is a bummer as this song is sick but slow in tempo .

3. The Reunion : Another lyrical master-piece with Shady/Eminem/ Evil on the chorus and a song somewhat related to “BITCHES”. And one thing that was mentioned in an interview by Eminem was that he wanted to see how Royce would end his verses, as in a mix of 2 different vocals but same rhyme scheme. Which this song had intact aswell as “Welcome To Hell”.

4. Above The Law : A song for the community …the chorus explains it all “Sometimes life seems so unfortunate. thats why i dont give a shit, the poor stay poor and the rich get richer, its just so disproportionate……………” thats just a GLIMPSE with female vocals on hook and lyrics that just blast you , and the aggression progressed by Royce Da 5’9 in his verse was an amazing add to the song. Just as one of his lines in the song….”….Partner you not hard I’ll body you hot bars, beef has left you praying right, like Allah hu Akbar…”

5. Im On Everything : Drug related song, hahah amazing….Although this song is fun to listen to, but there is something about the hook that makes this song a “ONE TIME LISTTENER” not something you’d like to hear over and over again :.

6. A Kiss: A song on a relationship, and we all know how Em talks about this stuff, but check out Royce. He really matches up but loses flow at times. The beat although is off tha hook.

7. Lighters : A song very well produced with Bruno Mars on the Hook, and a bit of information about Em’s and Royce’s life in the rap game . A very strong song. And a heads up that Royce really shows his potential.

8. Take From Me : With Female vocals on the hook, and a good story on friendship, Royce Da 5’9 explains the value of “Give & Take”, Eminem explains his experience

9. Loud Noises : This is featuring Slaughterhouse. An extremely fast song, with great collaboration and awesome flow explaining the PRESENCE of all these artists.

Deluxe Edition :

10. Living Proof : Royce on the Hook and murders this song with awesome flow and lyrics, but Eminem did disappoint some fans, due to his weak lyrics . But the song is still a 8/10 😉

11. Echo : In this song Eminem MURDERS it and mentions alot of particles of his life. As well as Royce, great expressions and theme, with female vocals on the hook, this song is one of the best in the album.

Conclusion: Do buy the ORIGINAL ALBUM, not the pirated versions, support your favorite artists by actually purchasing there material.