So while I was chilling at my house and ranting to my friends about how they are no good games on the PC this year (other than Portal 2 ofcourse), one of them told me to download something called “Minecraft” and he said that that would shut me up. I had already heard of Minecraft before but its damn name itself didn’t appeal to me, the name was too similar to minesweeper (know what i am saying? bad memories).

And well after finally downloading it to see what the fuss was all about I realized that the game was like Lego!.


You can decide for yourself if thats a good thing or a bad thing.


No, I don’t mean that kind of Lego, it just looks like it and you can build stuff, ok its like Lego. But I am straying too far from the point and that is that what is the game about? Obsession, total obsession.

So here is how an average Minecraft game goes,  when you start, first cut some wood with your bare hands, then make a crafting table, then make a pick axe, then make a better pick axe, then mine some stone then – Oh damn its getting dark!, quickly make a shovel, then make a hole and cry inside it, while the monsters go away. Then make some stuff. Oh wow I just summarised the entire game!. But when you start, be sure to read some guides, this stuff gets a bit confusing.

Now I am presuming that you haven’t bought the game yet and are just a bit curious about it, wondering if its worth the measly $14 it costs. Well the game creators worked really hard on the game and I will answer the question in a bit.





This brings me on to the last part of the review (yay!), how are the graphics and music? Dull, mundane and repetitive. But you can mod the textures and replace the soundtrack to anything you want (yes even Lady Gaga). So basically this game is like an empty canvas, for you to paint (in this case build) anything on, but like most empty canvases if you’re a non creative person, then either don’t play this game or find some friends who will play online with you, oh didn’t I mention? this game also has online.

This game has a nice way to reward you and thats the feeling of satisfaction you get when you build something great. Thats it!, thats all the developers give you. And the resourses needed to build stuff are hard to find. If you have time, try digging to the center of the Earth, there is a nice surprise waiting for you there (spoiler alert!- DEATH!)



Cost him an entire continent to make that.


So don’t get me wrong, this is a good game worth buying, the users of this site know why emphasized the word buy 😉 . You wont get bored but it’s still in its beta stages and when it gets to its final version (in 11 December 2011), I will update the review. But for now let me get back to my game!.


Rating 4/5

  • Minecraft-Hater

    Minecraft is stupid it controls kid’s minds by the stupid things it has kid’s thinking gold will just appear in the ground. It is so stupid and fucks up our kids minds.

  • ChristianAntiminecraftian

    FUCK YOU MINECRAFTIANS if you hate Minecraft God bless you.