The Do’s and Dont’s for the next (maybe) total war game.

Ok this article is based on pure speculation, there is no confirmed Rome 2, but there is a huge possibility. Let me explain, the first three total war games were shogun, medieval and rome. As of recently the first two have been remade into awesome games, better than the boring Empire Total War and the slightly better Napoleon Total War. So “it’s only logical”(quoting Spock) that they make a  Rome 2 – Total War.

And let me be frank, even if they give the game a HD update and naval battles I would buy it. But on to the list!


Naval Battles

We want that!


This is pretty much an obvious thing. And naval battles played an important role during the punic wars so it has to be done. And who wouldn’t like to see centurions boarding enemy fleets?


Graphic Update

Better than this


Another obvious thing, the graphics have to be atleast on par with Shogun 2, or better. And Rome should not look like a generic huge city on the map, it should be huge, sprawling, unique and beautiful, just like in real life, or atleast like it was in Assassins Creed Brotherhood.




Its sad to see that there is no blood in any total war game, before and after Medieval 2. Blood gives the game a feeling of reality, it tells you the cost of war. They should have this feature for Rome 2. People who dont like it can turn it off, but it should atleast be there.


Bring back the city view!

See those little dudes in togas?


In Rome Total War, there was a neat but forgotten feature called ‘City View’. It allowed you to view your cities progress. You could even see your citizens moving about their business in that view and allowed you to closely examine all those weird sounding buildings you built. This was an awesome feature and we want it back.



From the brilliant tv series Rome.



After watching the Rome HBO tv series, I am dying to have this feature in the game. But this feature has been added in a small way in Shogun 2, in which you have to maintain the loyalties of generals and overambitious sons. But in Rome 2, we should get the whole package. The Roman Empire was the seat of conspiracies and plotting. So when we become emperor in the game, we should also have to worry about things like assassinations, betrayals and Civil wars.

Technology Tree



Another no brainer. We need a detailed tech tree.


Ability to pass laws

Here is my hope, that when Rome is a republic we have to get the senates approval (via bribes, marriages etc) to pass laws and those laws make us more popular or more richer or make Rome as a whole more prosperous. But when Rome is an empire, we can pass a law every 3 turns or so and it costs us cash. And the laws can be like military reform, declare war, remove from office etc.


Famous Personalities


I was surprised after playing Rome that there was no Cleopatra, no Mark Antony, no Julius Caesar!. This game should have these colorful personalities and allow us to interact with them. It should also have less known figures like Cicero etc.

Cut the Crap



On the final note, Creative Assembly (creators of the total war series) should just cut the crap and announce the game already. It should not have the non historic nonsense like flaming pigs and wolves.


Anyways hope this game is awesome.

  • Dud


  • Vozdushno

    Retards, The Romans used flaming pigs in battle rarely against the carthaginian elephants, but the wolves are abit fictional

  • Gee

    The crap they should cut is the strength of chariots and head hurlers. And urban cohorts weren’t better  than praetorian guard. 

    • admin

      True, thanks for the info, I will fix the article shortly.

    • True, thanks for the info, I will fix the article shortly.

  • in a multiplayer battle if the enemy rage quits you should be able to give the routing enemies a chance to surrender.  so you can hire them into your units list.  so you can use them in the future in a battle.  but can’t retrain them unless they are ventran or untill they become vetran.  if they are killed completely than you loose the abiliy to use them.  have the ability to name vetran units, change their armour colour .  choose how they level up/rank up. 

    this way you can build up a varied list of units from different civilizations.  

    – it would be funny to be roman and have enough britan( or any faction’s ) style troops to play completely with them.  but still be roman with a roman general leading your forces.  

    each player should earn a nickname which is assossiated with playstyle. 

    – example:  if you play with a mixed army ( equal # of bow/melee/cav ) than you could have a nickname to that effect.  

    – example:  if you play with only cav all the time your nickname should reflect that.  

    – example: if you play in very different ways, and always change your style over time than maybe you would be called an enigmatic tactitian or something.

    if you defeat a selucid cataphact army and the enemy quits early, his cataphracts are still alive and you should be able to hire them into your army. 

    – be british and have urbans lol, halarious  

  • collecting different units and customizing them would be amazing

  • Dartmydog

    I think most importantly, and something the OP missed is the well known desire to have a multiplayer campaign. Imagine you and your friends playing together as the Seleucids and fighting with plays from all over the world in famous battles like Raphia. Also they need to make Judas Maccabee and his Hasmonean ancestors. I would love to work on this game!!

  • Frederick I

    Empire Total war is AWESOME!!! dont bullshit >:(

  • James

    Taking conspiracies one step further, you should be able to assassinate or sabotage whilst leaving evidence that it was another faction. If they fail they blame you, if you succeed you could spark start a war or break an alliance. It would also be handy if other factions could do the same to you, it would at least provide a reason for factions to declare war on you because even in the new games it doesn’t always make sense.  

  • Shea Dougherty

    This article is crap. The things we need to see are good battle AI and consistent campaign and diplomacy AI,

    • Kobayashimaru

      Exactly! I would still actively play Rome TW if it had better diplomacy and AI (like the one in Empire for example).
      And, as someone already mentioned, those pigs and wardogs existed. As a matter of fact, many eccentric and unusual historical weapons and units were not implemented.

      • Kobayashimaru

        And one more thing. Graphics are not that important. Total War is not about graphics. The moment it bocomes about graphics the franchise will die.

  • Dhara_

    I agree with Shea, the AI needs to be much better. I often win battles only because I play to beat the AI, not generals who know the tactics of their era. Also, I don’t like the rock paper scissors system of Shogun 2, it over simplifies everything instead of testing the mettle of different units against each other. Also, realistic fighting for specific units would be nice; I want my legionnaires to maintain a shield wall and stab with their swords, not break into a mess and start hacking. Rome 1 had terrible animations, lol 

  • Edd

    what i think would be good: on medieval 2 total war when you click on another factions army they say things depending on your diplomatic relations with them. This is want to be included in rome 2 total war. And i totally agree with the naval battle maps because its just completly unrealistic without them

  • RTW fan

    Also the population should be devided into male/female ; male children/female children ;male adults/female adults ; elder male/elder female.
    It would give more depth for the game.

  • heirofrome

    how about more units for eastern factions beacuse there were units like arabic infantry and more balanced units because rome is way too powerful and how about more factions like athens and israel i now it was under the controll of egypt but what if they revolted and maybe ante-personal weapons like those small spike things that Caesar used on the gulls.

  • Nichlasmcclenathan

    flaming pigs and dogs were actually used by Rome and i agree with the blood and everything but in rome total war: barbarian invaison i was playing as the huns and i got to a point where one of the characters had a son named…Attila i was like “holy shit wtf?” anyways i think they have them but you have to play a while to find them

  • ScaryNachos

    These are all great, I also think thatrather than recruit just 1 lone assassin you should have the option of recruiting a unit of assassins as well but yeah. WE WANT ROME 2: TOTAL WAR

  • troll

    we should have the option to unite the greeks, when (playing as greek faction eg: Macedon or Epirus) you should have the option when you make alliance with another greek faction to form a “Hellenic Empire” type of thing with options to pursue roman style tactics (like selecids did with copied legionarys) alternatively simply conquer 2 other greek factions, what do you think??

  • Thebigcheese666

    i agree with the “troll” thats actually a very cool idea!!

  • Stu

    Actually, flaming pigs are quite historical, as well as the use of war dogs. Polyaenus describes their use against elephants as the squealing scared the elephants immensely. As to war dogs, it is weel known that the Romans trained British mastiffs ‘Canis Molossus’ , from Epirus, for battle.

  • Anonymous

    It should include a Multiplayer Campaign map. If RTW makes an reappearance, then this is probably the best time to make a try for it.

    I love the campaigns for rtw, but it lacks depth, and you can never replace the feeling of playing against another human with an AI.

    A realistic and good looking campaign map is what I think this game should centre on to bring the maximum amount of players. And this is acctually a thing I find interesting. People who have discussed multiplayer campaign maps before, is arguing over that it would be to regional, that it would have to be one for the NA, one for central Europe, west and east etc. If possible, I think that making an completely combined map would’ve revolutionised, and work very well in the fact that invading for example RU if you live in Denmark should be hard, and the ping you get from fighting over such long distance could be an part of that.

    To summerize it, an Multiplayer campaign map should be the mainfocus of the game, and I dont think that there is anyone in here that can say that there is something that they would rather have seen than that?

  • Random guy

    Ive not played rome before, but ive played the rest. I think it should be able to adapt other people’s special units and stuff after you conquer them, or else it feels like some cool thing just went off cause you conquered some random place…

  • Ben Fitnessfirstpt

    It is well known that rome most probably used dogs. It in paintings, sculptures etc.

  • Sean_brady22

    ive heard one or 2 people say a linear campaign like Napoleon i say “HELL NO!!!!!” that just kills what is great about total war, continue doing what u do best CA dont try to get clever or creative, itll end in tears, u have created the best stratergy ever, please please please dont ruin it, do what u do best.

  • Jonnabalters

    Empire was amazing I loved making wealthier territories Napoleon ruined it for me but both needed more playable factions

  • aechis

    Other nice features:

    – The possibility to choose different starting eras for the Campaign, like maybe Republic and Empire (M1TW had this).
    – Advanced and improved diplomacy (no more stubborn factions that won’t surrender even with 10 full armies besieging their last settlement, just to make an example).
    – Allow the general (or other units) to fight on foot (another M1TW feature).
    – Improved politics: make the player more involved with the senatorial career.
    – More factions than RTW.
    – More settlements.
    – A bigger map.
    – A wider range of units.

    In addition to that, a Provincial Campaign would be an enjoyable feature.
    Examples: the Samnite Wars and the conquest of Italy; the Punic War, the Gallic Wars… etc. Maybe an expansion pack.

    Also like you said with Rome, every major city should be unique (ex. Babylon with the Hanging Gardens, the Ishtar Gate etc…)

    About historical figures, here is an (perhaps ambitious) idea: there should be an option at the faction menu that allows or disables the historical figures in the campaign.

    I hope some developer reads this. After all, this is the first result on google if you type “rome 2 total war”!

  • Warrior

    a map from europe till india….the known world of the ancients, and bro the flaming pig part was real the romans where famous for this, just saying 😉

  • Warrior

    every faction play able…just like in rtw

  • Warrior

    the outcome of an automatic battle should be based on your former victories and not on the size of the armies,

  • Caesarsheir

    You should also have to go to the senate to have a new army approved u could raise one yourself but we should make it costly that way it takes the senates approval for wars to take place

  • Anon

    Flaming pigs were awesome.

    Anyway, I would like to see more regional control and ai strategy in the campaign.

    less restrictions in deployment and stealth units like light infantry.

  • unknown

    If you didn´t have enough army. You can make a back up army of Gauls (for example).
    I don’t want that. I want a back up army full of Romans. They can have a Gaulic background but they must looks like  Romans

  • unknown2

    I don’t like that the barbarians also stand in a formation.
    I really hate that, because in the Roman period the babarians stood in a messy group not in a formation.

  • Tnelson04

    I just want it for Mac (natively)!!! Aside from that…I agree with many of the other comments

    C’mon – MAC

  • Outis

    – Blood and mud on the battlefield
    – A mini game for assasinations (RPG style, like hitman 1)
    – More factions
    – Choice of starting at different eras of Roman history

  • Garret Yeats

    The war dogs are historically accurate.  The Romans actually used them.

  • Nfox

    On the last note they did use flaming pigs and wolves pigs burn well and where used to bring down walls and dogs they really used also for odvious reasons. but the rest i like.

  • Zachary Whalen

    They should base their designs somewhat off of the Europa Baraborum Mod as well. The historical accuracy is awesome if done right.

  • Cgates

    you got all of the things down thats exactly what the next tw game needs

  • i think it would be cool to actually become a protectorate and overthrow the emperor. Like you can have your own lands and be under an emperor. I also think it would be cool to ask other nations to lend you troops. Or ask protectorates to lend you troops of their type. Like in napolean have some british highlanders in a russian army. That would be cool.

  • Me

    They should make a feature where you can create a coalition with a group of nations, kind of like modern day NATO

  • Octavianausaur

    a big NO to famous personalities-i dont want great generals like Hannibal to be represented by a Dumb AI with shit strat who i can take out 3 turns into the game

  • octavianausaur

    what i want to see is different skins for each faction
    in campaign this would have the purpose of creating multiple factions that are still the same culture-eg gauls,britons,germans would be divided into many tribes, who still share same unit roster, rome would be dif families
    in multiplayer this would allow ppl to play as the same faction

  • Certified Know It All

    just letting you know that historically, war dogs were used by and against Rome.

  • Certified Russian

    no they weren’t

    • Certified Know It All

      yes they did

  • Certified Know It All (CKIA)

    I think it would be cool if, like the battle map editor, there was a unit skin editor, where you could change the color of the skin and armor.

  • Den Danny

    here are my sugestions:
    -Base the map on the Rome total realism mod
    -Take over the units of provinces(in RTR i was gaul and i had wales were i maked chariots…)
    -NO BUGS
    -good graphics (i must buy i new computer…)
    -Naval battles
    -better diplomacy
    -more citys
    -exterminate your city without leaving it
    -you can build more thna one tempel
    -City view must be awsome and  lively
    -Not weird AI (macedonia conquers germania…)
    -politics are important (rome:senate laws,emperor,… gauls:bring tribes together…
    -awesome music
    -if it can i hatet barbs fight in groups =>i miss the battles with 20000romans against

    • HOPLON

      You know what would be fantastic? That there would be something like FIFA: Ultimate Team.You get cards with units instead of players and fight tournements or single matches etc. And with the money you get from winning the battle you can buy new/better troops or recover your wounded troops. And for example rare/expensive cards are eliphants, war dogs, …
      Then an online campaign map system, so you can conquer cities from other people with live battles!
      Wouldn’t it be super crazy if you could attack a real player his city with friendly reïnforcements wich are also real players and conquer the city togheter?!

      Real live diplomacy (mailing, trading offers, …), creating your own armor, choose colors, create avatar on shields, …

      Having online generals wich gain experience (like in first person shooters upgrade new weapons/abilities, …

      Having mercenaries or become a mercenary, live gladiators wich gain experience and becoming better and more famous …

      And ofcourse naval battle with real troops on the boats and when they ram your troops can conquer other boats (or get conquered)

  • Rosak

    What the hell? Both pigs and dogs were used as a countermeasure against war elephants, it’s as historic as it’s gonna get, now, ninjas wearing black, that’s bullshit. 

  • Crack

    flaming pigs are historic….

  • Dodgy Dude

    LAN support with out buying another copy!

  • G1

    incorporate new civilizations, (ethnicities), masquerading the terrain… this is what the barbarians did so well in order to disrupt the mighty romans. Different more unique (diverse) uniforms, so that not all soldiers look alike, maybe ever 15th or so looks similar… but not exactly the same… 

  • Shaggy

    Be cool if they bought in Diffrent achievments for the legions.

    Like in “The Eagle” They have their first taste of battle and achiev something for the units banner. That’d be pretty cool.

    • Scipius

      I think that just as in empire and Napoleon total war, the regions should be decentralized with towns outside of the capital. It is much more accurate in terms of management as well as making for a much more dynamic gameplay experience. Also, I believe the map should extend a bit farther east and south to include more interaction with desert tribes, especially when playing as factions such as Carthage. I also agree strongly that Germanic and Celtic tribes be treated with much more individuality and historic accuracy. The same should be done for nations considered rebel factions in the original title.

      • valdano6991

        Also, cities should all be unique, especially important ones (Rome should be completely represented as it was, as well as cities like Athens, Carthage, and Alexandria). Moreover, they should all (or at least those important ones) grow or decline over time based on their prosperity, based on the historical aspects of those settlements at certain points in time and prosperity

  • we need rome 2!

    We need multiplayer- no lags, no GameSpy! Good multiplayer mode!  

  • Harvey Peirson

    agreed with everything except about the dogs/pigs – theyre awesome and VERY historic

  • Plumpthane

    all they need to do is look at the europa universalis series of games and try to achieve that level of micro managing and immersion with the total war combat engine. I think that would make for a next gen game to break all others

  • Tomáš

    Hello, I played every total war game. I absolutely love it!  In all of this you are completely right! Im looking foward for Rome: Total war 2. As Plumpthane said, they could take somethin from europa universalis games whitch i love 2. + Multiplayer,not just battles but normal multiplayer with cities and everythin. Like from Czech.

  • Trentbraz1

    IF Rome two is ever made, I really hope there will be rifles.  And also if Ezio is some were in it 😀 (Not serious bout (Ezio)

    • N8p39u

      rifles…really?….are u serious?….one does not simply put rifles in Roman era!!!

    • Napwar5

      what the hell, why would there be rifles in ancient rome

    • billy


  • Healeyaidan

    The flaming pigs are accurate, they happened. But Rome II would make me cry with happiness.

  • Anono

    fuck naval battles

  • Willfph

    the lack of historical persons is the same reason for their lack in europa barbaroum it is only historical at the start but no where else because of changes to history you have performed

    plus who would cleopatra be married to?
    she was married to marc antony, julius cesear, her brother and her uncle/great uncle

  • guest

    I personally want to see the other factions being depicted accurately this time. I mean I love rome total war, but seriously, what was that? naked Gauls, Britons, Dacians?. If anything only the Germans would have fought naked in summer time. But the Gauls and especially Dacians were technologically advanced. They had iron scale armor, and helmets. It seems as though the team only did 1 days worth of research on these factions and grouped them all together as barbarian factions. Rome 2 should give each of these factions their own personalities.

  • Kkyle_bailey


    • Jskaine

      Yes why did they ever take that out, choosing heirs is key

    • 1. more different tribes – in Gallia we know over 148 tribes, in thracia over 40, the same in Illyria – we need a bigger map.
      2. historical menposer in battles – real roman manipuli (120) and corhortes(480), real republic Alae (300) and later auxilia units (400-800 men)
      3. more than 30 different ship typs – I wanna see the big seleucidian and ptolemees ships.

  • Cody Herring

    One thing that need to be changed is the barbarian tribes, the factions should not be “Gaul,” it should be the powerful Gallic tribes that were in Gaul, with Gaul being a culture.  Also, bigger armies.

  • You are Non-historic. First read and then comment.

    • Ben

      Im pretty sure it did say gallic in game? Plus, who cares what a dirty gaul wants anyway? their always my first to destroy


  • And by the way, have you tried Europa Barbarorum ??
    Any game supposed to be 1st challenging in strategy.

  • Captainsatkins

    A last innovation, mentioned by Dionysius, but considered dubious by many historians was Roman use of flaming pigs. Supposedly the Romans tarred pigs with pitch, set them alight, and sent them in the general direction of the elephants causing them to stampede. No less a historian than the highly reputable H H Scullard considered Roman use of flaming pigs not only possible but also probable.
    Flaming pigs existed.

  • there could be two different ways to play the campaign,  1# the traditional way,  2# start with becomeing a general of a small region and slowly as you rank up, you get more wealthy and the world gets bigger as you earn fame and fortune.  and you have to manage a supply train and such.  but then you could just play the traditional way.  also i think that the game could span from 1000BCE to 300AD , and that you could start your campaign at any date you want in the time frame, as any civilization.  as if you are stepping into history.

  • ….

    The hell is wrong with you? Empire is awesome,   

    the subject of diplomacy: “The sword has to do the best for it
    does not jest”. – Karl XII (1682-1718)


  • guest

    They didn’t have massive troops of dogs and pigs like you can do in the game.  Also the urban cohorts existed only in Rome and the Praetorians were the emporer’s bodyguard.  Lastly all roman citizen cavalry units were called Equites. The Roman’s made common use of foreign cavalry troops however such as the Germans.

  • Guest

    The romans used incendiary pigs. Before you say something isn’t historical read about it

  • Samhsylvester

    Wait a minute. Pigs and wolves, non-historical? Incindiary pigs were utilized against Hannibal Barca.

  • Napwar5

    Make it so that when you do an important event, like you assassinate someone, it does a  cutscene! 

  • Domitius

    – Naval battles;
    – Graphic update;
    – Blood;
    – IMPROVED city view (add markets, blacksmiths, slave sellers, gladiators, priests, magistrates, equites, peasants, people working on the buildings chosen by the player AND the toga dudes… and the eventual angry mob with torches and pitchforks fighting the town watch);
    – Conspiracies: well, as this guy said, it should be more prominent during the Empire, when you should be able to choose an heir;
    – Technology (improved pila, invent the corvus, improved loricae etc…);
    – Ability to pass laws… more like ability to do ANYTHING with the approval of the Senate, at least during the Republic;
    – Famous personalities… perhaps they should appear only under specific circumstances;
    – …about the “Cut the crap” part… lol this guy ruined the whole entry writing that.

    A lot of people here posted some good comments, like expanding the world map, detailed barbarian factions, improved diplomacy and politics…

    Make the game moddable and bring back those awesome pre-battle speeches!

  • Danialgorham

    have the tech tree based upon many factors. like which faction you are, who your allies are, who you are trading with and also who you are fighting against.  because you know that different factions reverse engeneer enemy units( roman copies ).  and also some technology is imported through trade.  also customization of units could be relient upon these factors too.   like if you trade with gallic peoples than you import drugs which when implemented give your people the ability to fight without fear and become impervious to moral shock for a stort duration.  but maybe would cause adverse effects too. or if you are fighting egyptians and want to use chariots as well, than you should be able to reverse engeneer chariots.  just like in shogun 2, when you have to have an archery dojo and a monestary inorder to make bow monks.  units in rome 2 should have to rely upon multipul buildings for training.  like you need an archery range + calvery stable + reverse engeneering building = egyptian chariot archer copies.   after maybe 50 yrs of game time all reverse engeneered and used technologies could be added to your ussual units list.  not requiring multipul buildings anymore.  like instead of 3 buildings required for chariot archers, only two would be.

  • rin

    Make portraits susceptible to traits change.

  • zwills0619

    Empire was “BORING”? WOW

    • Ben

      i thought so…plus, the battle style was weird…Battles in cossacks are much better i wish Total war took notes from them

      In cossacks, you could control the volleys you fired….i really dont know why TW wouldn’t include a huge part of the strategy like that

  • zwills0619

    And remember this isnt PARADOX STUDIOS so dont go overboard

  • Beoron

    Some things I would like to see in Rome 2

    – A more interactive rome and senate:

    Your characters should be able to go to rome the city, at least on the campaign map. If they are serious about General character development then rome should be where your Generals go to level up, pick up retainers/clients, celebrate triumphs or otherwise progress in the cursus honorum. It would also be a good place to interact / make deals and alliances with the other roman factions.

    Senate missions need to be updated. There needs to be a sizable reward for undertaking and completing the mission and returning to rome. For example:

    The senate asks you to invade asia minor and kill or capture an enemy leader. They provide some troops and ships at the capitol which you must bolster with your own. This gives you an incentive to go on the mission. You invade the named territory, capture the cities and kill the leader. The general gets all the proceeds from the capture but there should be a seperate resource called ‘booty’ or the like. This resource can only be converted into cash for your faction when you return to rome and celebrate your triumph.

    Only your general needs to return to do this as you will need your army in the newly captured territories.

    An easy way to make the movement of major characters around the map quicker would be to simply allow them to board trade vessels. the general could go to a port and then hop his way back through friendly or allied (at least in trade) ports until he reaches his destination which in this example is Rome. Only the characters themselves and maybe their bodyguard unit should be allowed to move so quickly around the map. Army movements would remain the same.

    -Cooperation between roman factions

    Building on the previous set of ideas, why not let different roman factions cooperate. In the case of the example:

    Another roman faction was given the mission. However you are allowed to contribute forces and/or Generals. you go on the mission with a small force and return. when the ‘booty’ is cashed in you get a percentage based on your generals rank or imperium: ie propreator gets 20%…?

    This is a good way for your characters to gain experience when they would otherwise just sit in a city somewhere. it also is a good way to make a tidy profit from someonelses war.

    The cenral idea here is that the roman factions can cooperate and interact in many more ways rather than being jsut a faction you are waiting to attack!

    until next time

  • Afdgdfg

    The romans did use flaming pigs 😛 Check the in game desc.

    • Ben

      Thank you….they used them for sapping as well

  • NomadicCheetah

    Things i want for rome total war 2
    -better graphics(like you said)
    -conspiracies, civil wars etc
    -city view
    -naval battles
    -renaming of cities/characters
    -women in your families can be like princesses in medieval
    -have named legions about instead of just units
    -empire total war style diplomacy panel which allows you to talk to your fellow roman factions at a push of a button, as would’ve been realistic becuase that’s where the famous families could generally be found
    -recruiting generals like you could do in barbarian invasion, and in empire total war when you could convert captains to generals
    -Women able to become faction leaders but not generals, like a monarch in empire, not that this is particularly needed for rome, its just a feature that annoys me,leadership of a woman should make people more sceptical of your power though, and naturally they should come after men at all times in succession to be realistic
    -children able to become faction leaders before coming of age, perhaps character scrolls for them too, same things apply as to the woman thing 
    -more political features
    bring in a tax system similar to that of empire, with rich and poor etc, and other political features which is pretty much up to the designers.
    -expanded senate feature
    this is also pretty much up to designers how this is achieved,perhaps there will be more senators who have no loyalty to any particular faction, but will side with a faction depending on your political standpoint, which is determined by whether you tax rich or poor more, whether you have good relations with the senate or they have good relations with you, and also through other things, such as historical standpoints, the jullii for the people, the brutii and scipii for the senate,etc. Perhaps when your emperor, you can appoint positions etc. Also, your able to marry your women to these senators who are not with any faction, and then they will join your faction
    -tech tree
    -expanded map
    Expand the map slightly more in the East and south, into places like further south in Africa, India, and Russia allowing you to expand the empire further than the Romans ever did, and also helps it to be more realistic when your building an empire with another faction.Add in more settlements in densely populated areas such as Italy, and operate under an empire system of having more than one settlement in a region. Also make it harder to occupy areas that the romans found difficult to take, eg Germania, Parthia, etc
    -new factions
    New factions should be added in the new territories, as well as some new ones in the old territories, go for an empire TW kind of system with lots of countries and new countries able to rise when a settlement rebels successfully, as the years progress, new factions could arise without rebellions, like all the tribes seen in barbarian invasion. Perhaps some more Roman factions too. An interesting new feature would be if a particular senator without a faction became very powerful and successful, the senate(or emperor) could give him a region, at which point his house would become a new roman faction. Also a faction is created if a conspiracy against your faction is successful when your emperor, then the leader of the conspiracy become the new emperor, this means the conspirators will need to be, or at least have the support of, one of the big roman factions.  Also,if a roman occupied region rebels and the region has been part of the empire for longer than say, 50 years, or the upper class leads the rebellion, the faction will always be roman in culture. Like in Empire, it would be great if rebels could have aims that reflect the current situations, so when a rebellion is successful, the new faction will run its settlement accordingly with a king, a senate etc. This applies mostly to Rome, conspirators and rebels could have different aims, for example, some may want to become emperor, some may want to restore the republic, etc
    With this new roman faction idea in mind, i reckon it would be great if there could be a campaign when you start with one senator(or maybe even below that) with a small army, and gradually rise up through the senate until you get your own land, and then build that into an empire, until eventually, generations later, you are emperor. You could also put some historical campaigns  in there eg, the Roman Civil wars could be like the Road to Independence campaign, you have several chapters, you begin as Caesar conquering Gaul, and then end as Octavian at Actium. Or perhaps you could play on the other side.The Punic Wars could also be done like this.
    -Able to control the forces of your allies in battles, merge your armies, with your consent, and be able to request their assistance in taking certain places.
    -When you capture Rome there should be an option to take power, as a dictator, or as an emperor, or keep power with the senate. If you choose the first, once your faction leader dies, you must relinquish power, if you do not, you automatically become a emperor. You can only become a dictator once in 80 or 100 years, so you cant just go out of rome and recapture it and become dictator again. Furthermore, when your emperor, your faction leader has that title before their name. When your emperor, all roman factions not at war with you by default accept your authority and your able to give them missions and exercise the power the senate had over them before.
    Long list i know, obviously even a few of those would be great

    • Ben

      Women as monarchs?! In 60 bc?! Dont think so….only reason Cleopatra got there is by sexing her way to the top….i dont want by beloved princess doing that…ill marry her to a allied family…

  • Riptideisafag

    ceaser, antony, and cleopatra arent in rome total war because the game is set middle 200 bc.  ceaser and all that doesnt happen untill around 60 bc.

  • Camdeloach

    Things that should be in Rome 2: Total War

     – Re-Invented Sieges
        Sieges should be re-invented based on historical evidence. For example, if a Roman        Army failed to capture a settlement on its first try, it wouldn’t retreat 50 miles and lift         the siege (how it worked in Rome: Total War), it would fall back to the blockade where     it was camped at the start of the assault, and the siege would continue. In Rome 2           I would like to see the option to retreat or continue the siege after a failed assault.           Also, the assaulting army’s camp should be minimally fortified ex: trench surrounding       the camp, as well as spikes.

     – Naval Battles
        Pretty much a standard since Empire: Total War

     – Chapters
        Just like in Empire: Total War, there should be chapters in Rome’s story. For example,     Chapter One could be the VERY beginnings of Rome, when it was just a small village       trying to secure the Italian Peninsula. Chapter Two could be the Punic Wars. Anyway       you get where I’m going with this.

     – A Tech Tree
        There should be a tech tree where you can RESEARCH, not UNLOCK, new                   technologies. Yes there is a difference. The kind of tech trees we’ve seen before are          like this: You see the technology you want to unlock, and you work towards it by            unlocking the technologies that it builds off of. I personally think it should be more like      this: You have categories: Agricultural, Military, Culture… etc. You then choose one          and it has sub-categories, and each sub-category has different technologies. BUT,          you cant see the technology ahead of the next in line, which is more realistic. For            example: scientists in the 1800’s didn’t look into the future and say, “Ooooh                    spaceships, lets research engineering and mechanics so that one day we may have       spaceships!” They researched engineering and mechanics which LEAD them to            spaceships. I know its a pretty strange example but you get my point. Hopefully.

     – Graphics Upgrade
        Kind of a given. The graphics should be at least as good as shogun.

     – Upgraded Military System
        What we’re used to is something like this: You have a general, you recruit units from a city, and you place them under command of the general. It should be more historically accurate. (varying between factions) For example: For the Roman factions the military system should be something along the lines of this. A general is in command of a legion (5000 – 6000) soldiers, The legion is then broken up into six tribunes, which are then broken up into cohorts (100 soldiers). The cohorts are led by Centurions. And yes I know that those numbers will have to be reduced, as it is only a computer game.

     – Weapon Variation
        In Rome: Total War, a typical soldier had a gladius, a shield, and 2 pilums (throwing spear). Being as historically accurate as possible, the standard infantry soldier (excluding spear-men), had the following weapons: Gladius, Pugio (knife), 2 pilums, and a shield. The shield had a half circle sticking out of the middle, which was made of metal, and was a deadly weapon when used for bashing.

     – Weapon Realism
        In Rome: Total War, the gladius looked like it was the size of a freaking kitchen knife,   and the shield was not used for bashing. The pilum was pretty spot on. Historically, the gladus had an average length of about 50 cm, the pugio was about 13 inches long, the pilums were just over 2 meters long, and the shields were around 5 and a half feet high. Also, weapon damage is still yet to be seen in a Total War game. Weapons DO break on the battlefield, and soldiers should have to pick up a nearby weapon on the ground (perhaps its owner was killed), if their weapon does break, or they could just switch to their pugio.

     – Blood
        It’s plain and simple, some people want it, some people don’t. I think I speak for many fans when I say there should be an option under settings.

     – Government
        I think a player should have the ability to create laws, at some sort of cost, that would help or hender the Empire (depending on the circumstances). Characters should be able to be arrested, promoted, impeached… etc. You should be able to declare war on a nation without have to attack first. There are many more things that could be added, but in my opinion, government should generally be more hands on.

     – Assassination Videos
        Not much to explain here. Just expand on them a little more than in Shogun 2.

     – Faction Cooperation
        The player should be allowed to persuade allied factions to perform a joint strike on an enemy army, city… etc.

    Those are just a few of the things that I think should be added to Rome 2: Total War.

    • Creardo

      Man, COHORTS are not led by Centurions… It´s like this: : One LEGION is led by a legate (5/6k men), and subdivided into circa 10 COHORTS (each COHORT has 480/600 men, and is led by a Tribune). Each Cohort has 6/7 Centurias (80 men each), and a Centuria is led by a CENTURION… each Centuria 7 or 8 Decurias (8/10 men each) and a Decuria is led by a Decane….. Capice?

      • Fag9ot

        You’re obviously suffering from a degenerating IQ. Perhaps you’re talking about the roman influence on the Chinese army? Well I’m not familiar about their military formations although I can assure you that a cohort is led by a centurion and not a tribune.

  • Ben

    flaming pigs aren’t nonsense…

    They would use them for sapping

  • Ben

    is it really necessary to have 100 tribes that are the exact same thing? Tell the tribes to be a little more diverse and maybe we will make more of them..

  • Ben

    your talking about cossacks: battle for europe

    omg…that and Napoleon mixed together would be the perfect game

  • Ben

    buy a real computer

  • Ben

    india would be a boring place to go…you know…with all the lack of violence there

  • Aristillius

    I dont care as long as diplomacy is completely renovated (and carthaginians are in it!). After playing Paradox games I can’t stand the diplomacy in Total war games 😛

  • Flaming pigs WERE a part of historic Roman armies!

  • Sina Agh Af

    Well please make parthian empire the empire which it was I know the politics of the world is against Iran ok but what’s wrong with history and cultre of Iran ? Parthian people were one aryan groups of Iran but in Rome one u saw OMG They are mostly like Arabs but yeah the only thing was true was the cataphract and and war elephant also seluscid empire the east part of Iran wasn’t in the map so they also were weak after all they were emperors of Iran for 70 years after Alexander’s Do Not make them weak or half of the map make thm complete to be hoenst for history in all of seris

  • Sina Agh Af

    As I said in all of series it was against history of Iran gov Iran is enough for destroying history and cultre of Iran plz u don’t be like them Parthian had hellenic and Persian cultre so plz make them as they were in history there were the only country who could defeat against strong roman empire so they must compare with roman empire not simple countries such as barbarians thanks a lot

  • Alexander Julian I

    I completely agree with the author of this page. In the original Rome, I lost many naval battles because I could not utilize my non-computerized creativity and thinking in the water battles. and as for some other comments, I believe there should be complete historical accuracy, whether it be geographically or perhaps certain events in sequence and harmony with the correct time periods and such. Yes, having Parthians and Seluecids would be refreshing and add an element of legitimate eastern threat to the game. By the way, I don’t speak like this naturally, but write like this, for I don’t desire to sound like a retard when people read my comments.

    • Fagman

      Dude I want to fuck that sense of humour of yours.

  • Blablabla

    Empire was brilliant the best in the series as was Napoleon, dont knock these fantastic games

    • John

      Mate they where rubbish in comparison to Rome admittedly there better games than say empire earth or the new command and conquer games but Rome was brilliant and medieval 2 but not napoleon and empire and I’m sure many would agree

  • Europamod>RTW

    Basically make a lees buggy this: with a graphics upgrade and naval battles.

  • DC_Dougiie

    Confirmed now. Oh, and there was a reason why the Blood Pack DLC for Shogun 2 was a DLC and not an option. It would inrease the game’s rating from T for teen to M.

  • It’s a pity it’s only going to be available via Steam as I won’t play Steam games. A lot of my friends are the same, so Creative Assembly will be losing money on this 🙁

    • Dennis D’Antonio

      Nothing wrong with steam. Stop living in the dark ages.

  • Pratts4life

    Actually war dogs are historically acurate but ussally not In a unit they were mostly brought along by the men in battle

  • James Torble

    Would be good to have a more comprehensive and developed Greece, as playing as them in the previous game could be a little repetitive. Considering the difference between each city state of Greece there could be a very broad and detailed variety of nuances between troops and technology.

  • Redskins1099

    we want legions 

  • Kevin

    I would like to see them bring back the general in the campaign map! I never listened to the speeches, but I liked actually seeing the general with his unit. Recently, they will have a general’s unit with the body guard, but they will not have the general as an individual present. This was actually really upsetting for Empire Total War and Shogun 2 Total War. I mean they weren’t leading the charges at this time, but they were still PRESENT at the battlefield.  Why did they take them out?

  • Brandon123451234

    what i would like to see is a lot of units old and new so you can have a bunch of diffrent chooses in campaign and costume battles   

  • Chris Aw

    We need in rtw2 proper 5000 or at least 5000 men .like what they had . And in a the tech tree a feature for stacking a few together. So you can have 30 or even 50,000. And if a city in under threat an option. To call for aid and showing any legions or allies armies in a certain range and ask them to come and defend you . And a secondary msg to say they can quick march but they will be tired when they come into battle. And if Rome is under attack you will be told that you must supply an army as Rome won’t have an army apart from maybe a thousand crack troops ,and if you don’t after a time limit an army that’s closest will be forced

  • Imssbg

    New lands, new societies would be nice. Off to china, japan, the new world, the astecs, and the incas. Maybe even Atlantis, shangrala, Amazons,(that work), African tribes, attack lions, tigers and bears oh my,  etc… Allow us to build our own cities, fort-village-town-city where we want them. Build walls, bridges fortifications on the sea etc…when we capture a town, city we should get the spoils of war. The treasury should become ours, their troops become ours, ships, spies etc… Let us tell someone they’re in trouble and better move. Now they just stand there until we have to kill them just to get around. Don’t hide the flag on a city. I’ve attacked a city only to find out it beonged to someone else whos flag wasn’t flying as it should have been.  Give us the whole world to explore and concur. Is that too much?

  • RomeTW2

    1-the ability to play as 1 man a soldier or a leader ,can wallk in the city as a leader or a normal soldier 
    2-big cities like rome in assassin creed brotherhood 
    3-a king Palace so the Ruling family members can meet and eat togther and marrige
    4-the abiltiy to kill the king by his son or any family member
    5-Positions so the king can make his son a Minister or military leader
    6-the abiltiy to hunt.
    just foucs on the one man game it will be so fun if you can play as alexander and walk in the city and the people Greeting you or play like a prince and marry the most beautiful girl in the kingdom and doing a heroic missions and hunting and arena challenges

    • Samb1236

      thats not a total war game. thats skyrim, or mount and blade. both great games but not total war. this is the struggle of nations, not you wandering city streets

      • Dr. Frankenstein

        True, it is, but it would also be fun to have these additions. You could therefore be given the option to enable or disable these specific functions, according to your choosing. I love RTW as it is, but with these suggested additions it would be pretty dang amazing. Since you are fine with it as it is, we should also have the option to disable them.

  • Kdubbs322

    Correction: The Romans did have flaming pigs.  It was one of the first examples of fire being used widely in multiple battles.

    • RAWR222

      Correction, the Romans did NOT have entire battalions of flaming pigs as portrayed in the game. They did use flaming pigs occasionally to scare elephants.

  • Wolf Leonhard

    What would I really want to see in Rome 2 is Monarch based faction relations, if it is in the game I can’t seem to notice it. Since I’m an avid Med2 player it was really appealling to me to be given missions to kill the enemy king in exchange for better relations for the faction by making the faction heir the king which is why I wanted a more refined version on Rome2.

    How it would work:
    Let’s place it this way, you’re having a bloody war with Germania whilst you’re playing the House of Julii. The ruling branch of the Family has the “Dislikes Germania” trait which means minus relations to Germania but another branch of the family since they live near Germania have “Germanic Friends” trait which means plus relations with Germania. Now, a Diplomat of Germania would approach a family member of that branch of the family that have Germanic Friends trait and asks them to assassinate your faction leader and name someone in that branch your faction heir, acceptance would give you an assassin at the next turn and that assassin should be the one to kill your faction leader and rejection would make you lose the Germanic Friends Trait. Now, lets say you accepted it and now the assassin failed and was captured, the whole house will now declare war on you and that branch of the family but not to worry Germania will directly be your ally, and be given a full-stacked Germanic Army
    however, you will now lose your connections with other Roman factions, but reclaiming all your lost land is a hassle so you can approach other family members and persuade them to join your cause, if they have the Sickened of the War trait which will be very evident if they lost a family member through a battle and regaining the House of Julii would be an ease if you kill the faction leader through a battle. Well, the House of Julii will now he yours again and Germania would be your life long ally as long as Germanic Friends is present with the faction leader or the Germanic Faction Leader has the Roman Friends, to further give a reward you can ask for a full-stacked army from your ally which you yourself will command but according to there specifications. SPQR and the others will be neutral to you but SPQR now wants you to break your alliance with Germania and destroy them, they will mow approach the branch of the family who is closest to thr Senate in exchange for Alliance and the whole thing happens again.

    What I’m basically saying here is:
    -Family Member based faction relations for diplomacy
    -Geographic Based Traits
    -Loyalty Manipulation due to recent events
    -Asking military services from allies
    -Rebellion to parent faction in hopes of making your own history

    I also want to see in Rome 2 is having the option of having your battles recorded through text that is written by a historian or maybe just by naming battles like the Battle of? ??? instead of just having Famous Battle Landmark. Thats about it…