An extremely brief guide on indie games.

From the World of Goo, to Super Meat Boy and from Braid to the newcomer Minecraft, all of them are indie games, and did you notice the pattern?, all these games are extremely creative. But today indie games are nothing new, the Apple app store is literally littered with indie games, some good alot not that good.

But on the bright side these games are still better than what EA and Activision cook up every year. After those same formulaic titles over and over again, these new indie games are a breath of fresh air.



Fresh air


But first of all this new phenomenal is not new, it all started in the 1990’s when PC gaming was spreading rapidly and when making video games was starting to become profitable for the PC, at that time indie developers started to make their games, but they didn’t catch on fast enough, mostly because that the internet still had some catching up to do. Today as off 2011 the indie game industry has finally started to mature, thanks to new opportunities created by the Apple app store and the other things like Xbox XBLM, PSP minis and ofcourse the PSN. But the start was much harder.


So lets ask a small question, why do we need these wannabe game developers?, The answer is simple, it keeps the industry creative and gives the giants (like Nintendo) new ideas.


To get started on indie gaming buy the “Humble Indie Bundle” or just download a torrent and pay them later. This bundle has a collection of high quality indie games and you can pay when you want, what you want. I told you these guys were creative. They raised $1.8 million dollars through this.

But here is a list of some indie games worth checking out. (Coming soon!)


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