If this game can be summed up in one sentence, that would be, all style and no substance.

The story was unimpressive, the gameplay mechanics felt dumbed down from the first Crysis, the only thing which was going for the game were its graphics. My computer is reasonably fast and I played it on ‘Extreme’, and I have to admit, it looked damn good. Ok I will be frank, my mouth was watering. But the gameplay itself was nothing extraordinary, the suit didnt make me feel badass anymore and the open ended, ‘do it your way’ mission scheme of Crysis 1 is gone, this game is now more run and gun.


It sure is pretty, though.


In the end the game disappointed me, and is only for the graphic junkies. I give it a 2 out of 5. I know its harsh, but giving it any better would be just stupid.

  • batman

    i can say that he is right the graphic are good

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  • cain

    true… true… but at least it’s better than crysis 1(wich in my opinion, it’s waaaaay boring and repetitive)