A reluctant review, to a bad movie.

So a few days ago I finally forced myself to watch it. And those 1 and a half hour of my life will never comeback. I will just say it, the movie sucks. The first Narnia seemed interesting, and I was happy after it finished to know that I will never have to see those pesky Narnians again. But what I didnt know was that the movie had two full blown sequels, one more worst than the other. The film series has definitely overstayed, longer than it should have been.

The film reeked of British feudal backwardness and anti democratic feudalism, and I am not just throwing words around, this movie made me realize that monarchies are really a pain in the ass.

Then that girl smiles all the time to look cute, you know the younger sister whatever, annoying. And that brat kid with a squeaky voice is the most annoying character I have ever seen, but he was the only who managed to save the movie, unfortunately.

And has anybody thought that Prince Caspian looks like a weaker version of Orlando bloom. Now getting back to my rant, the film also reeks of ethnic bias, showing slavery being used by a culture which looks uncannily familiar to arab culture by showing arabs with british accents sell slaves, but arabs nonetheless.

Film has also no understanding of slave economics, what is the sense of having a slave market where most the people has been fed to the green mist. There is always a shortage of people. The movie is entirely predictable and if there ever was a movie promoting a monarchy this must be it, after Kings Speech. Did I mention that the girl has serious issues, ok I did.

The movie’s main villain is some green mist thing, I know I didnt understand it too.

Anyways I will give this tiring movie, a 2 out of 5 stars

  • Maria

    hahahahahahaahahhahaha totally agreed^^

  • batman

    same here man