DISCLAIMER- I am not asking you/supporting you/helping you to pirate this game. I am simply helping you install and run this game if you are having problems with Steam. That means I am assuming you have already bought “Total War – Shogun 2” and are here just so I can help you install it. Like I said, I am not helping you if your pirating this game, so if you actually are pirating, and you are caught, you cannot lead them here to this website because we weren’t helping you in the first place. If you are in fact pirating, then you are on your own in case of legal action.


NOOB METHOD (Updated on 11 August 2013) – Just use this.

1. Download and install this. It includes the blood mod, latest patch, all DLC released up to this date, Rise of the samurai and Fall of the samurai.

2. Download and copy this fix on top of your installed game. Overwrite everything.



INSANELY EASY METHOD (Updated on 21st April 2012) 

1. Download and install this. It includes the blood mod, latest patch, all DLC released up to this date, Rise of the samurai and Fall of the samurai.

2. Download and copy this fix on top of your installed game. Overwrite everything.

I have played all three campaigns on this and can verify that everything works. I am on 100+ turns on all three of them and had so far got no crashes and the save files work fine.

If you have trouble running the game or get crashes. Make sure you have the latest graphics card version, latest Dot NET Framework installed and your antivirus was off during the installation. If your antivirus was on during the installation then you will encounter problems because the antivirus might delete some files which are essential for the game to run as ‘false positives’. My computer is still running fine as I played the game this morning and am now writing this, so I can verify that it has no virus. If you leave it on, then don’t expect help, in case of a problem.

If you still have a problem, update your Adobe flash player 11, and go to C: users: “Your PC name”, appdata, roaming, The Creative Assembly and then delete the Shogun 2 folder. Then run the game again.


SUPER EASY METHOD (Updated on 25th Dec 2011- OLD)

1. Download and Install Shogun 2.

2. Download this file. Inside the zip is a torrent file. It has 4358 patch (AKA patch 10) and the Rise of the Samurai Pack. It also has all the DLC’s other than the Blood pack. It also includes the Directx 11 patch. Once its downloaded. Install it.

3. Run Shogun.exe and have fun 🙂


Read on below if you still have problems (though you shouldn’t).



Now I admit that the method I am about to mention is a slightly difficult and might scare you away, but bear with me, it will be worth it in the end.


This is for Steam Versions!

If you have already installed this game then scroll below to read about the new patch.
If your 2 files had a .MDX in the end then it means you are steam! -NOTE- CLONEDVD VERSIONS ARE STEAM


1. Mount The MDX files using Daemon tools (Download from here)

2. Open Phoenix.exe in its folder (Phoenix.exe is the in the download pack mentioned below)

3. Click on Instruments

4. Click Sid Unpacker

5. On ‘select sid file’, take it to your mounted dvd and open the only sid file in the mounted directory

6. Click ‘Scan-a-SIM-File’

7. Click ‘select all’

8.Change the destination folder to where you want the game to be

9. Make sure you have atleast 16GB free (just to be safe) then Click Unpack (Thanks Dave)

10. After some time it will ask for Disk 2, repeat process, this time opening the disk 2 SID file

11 Will take a while (from 30 minutes to 2 hours), when it finishes the game will be atleast 14GB, it may be larger but not smaller, if its smaller, do it again. (If you update the Phoenix unpacker, the game will always turn out to be 5GB, rendering it unplayable, so no matter what, DONT UPDATE!)

12. Install the ali213 patch, its in chinese but you will figure it out, and make sure to point it to your directory in which you unpacked the game

13. Copy shogun crack V1 in the game directory, install it (to install click the top left button which looks like “DVD”) it will open some tab in your browser, ignore that, then a message box will open up, close it by clicking NO

14. Copy shogun crack V2 in the game directory, install it (to install click the top left button which looks like “DVD”) it will open some tab in your browser, ignore that, then a message box will open up, close it by clicking NO

13. PLAY! by clicking on shogun.exe

Note- DO NOT UPDATE THE PHEONIX UNPACKER!!, new versions are glitchy as hell



Download the pak extracter

Unpack the entire game after mounting both disks, then use the package below (with the patches) and continue from step 12.


OR you can download the steam version from here (much simpler)-




ALL the patches + Pheonix 1.4 beta 7 (Recommended) (For the pirate bay link, dont click on download torrent, download the magnet file instead)


Old save files wont work, so just delete them.



OLD- Install the Direct x 11 Patch and the 3444 Patch (5/9/2011, it is also called the “Version 2” patch)-

This patch already contains all the old patches. Here is the link-

I have tried it personally and it works 100% perfectly. It has already been cracked so no worries. Just unzip the file (2GB) and copy it over your game, but to be safe just make sure your game is already cracked before installing the patch, because a badly cracked game might create major issues, with the patch. This patch is only in english. It also seemed to fix the clan opening cutscene problem.

One important thing, when you will start the game for the first time, after doing the patch, it will ask you if you want to go into “Direct x 9” or “Direct x 11”, choose 11, if you have a Direct x 11 compatible card. Another thing I noticed was that the game becomes slightly blurry in Direct x 11 mode. Its not a game breaker, but you cant unnotice it after you see it. But frankly the game does look better now, overall.


NEW- Install the latest cracked patch, patch 4358 (patch 10) with all the dlc’s other than the blood pack-

This patch already contains all the old patches. Here is the link-

There is a torrent file inside the zip.





Change Language to English

Open the data folder and delete these










Then open language.txt and change the ‘ES’ into ‘EN’ it becomes English.


Clan Opening Cutscene Fix (Update- Fixed with the direct x patch mentioned above hence this is no longer needed)

None of the clan opening cutscenes will work. To fix this download this torrent-

Unrar it, then open the unpack.bat and let it run, will take a while. The copy the newly created ‘data’ folder and overwrite the original. Replace all three files. Dont use thier default installer as it has some problems.



Turn on Anti Aliasing (Update- Fixed with the direct x patch mentioned above hence this is no longer needed)

For ATI cards

Go to “start” menu and search CCC (Windows 7 users only) then you can find gaming tab, and what you need to do now is to click 3D application settings, next in the AA option uncheck use in game settings and put it to what ever you want. Thats how you do it.


For Nvidia cards

Right click the desktop, click the nvidea control panel, in 3d settings, click on manage 3d settings. Then click on program settings tab, then find shogun 2 total war. After that you will see a list of options underneath it, first click ‘anti aliasing – mode’, set it to ‘enhance the application setting’, then go to the ‘anti aliasing setting’ and set it to whatever you want, e.g 2x, 4x etc.


Or you could wait for a patch 😉



Q1. The game looks ugly as hell?!

Ans. Update to the Direct X Patch mentioned above.


Q2. I did everything you told me too, it still doesnt work!

Ans. Try again or post your query here


Q3. Does this pass the 50 turn steam limit on this game?

Ans. It does!. But be sure to use new save files, not the ones you made before doing the cracks.


Q4. Where are the skidrow/razor1911/some other respectable groups, cracks?

Ans. They are out, but are apparently based on the chinese crack, which i packaged above and have no extra features. And they have problems of their own. But if my method gave you problems feel free to try the FLT version. Its the only good one out there and is based on the chinese crack, like I said.


Q5. Will Online/Lan work?

Ans. No. Not yet.


Q6. The game is slow!

Ans. From personal experience, ‘depth of field’ and ‘ambient lighting SSOA’ are major framerate eaters.


Q7. What version did you use?

Ans. I used the CloneDVD version and did all the instructions. I have a Windows 7 SP1 64-bit OS. Just so you should know.


Q8. Is this game worth going through all this?

Ans. Yes!, this game is the best total war game ever, and I have played every single one of them. This game is the new gold standard of total war games after Rome Total War. And here is the metacritic page for you.

For all Questions and queries comment them here or go to the forum.

Here is a review I wrote for the game.

  • niggaplease

    open instruments/Update ContentDescriptionRecord/Internet and wait for it to update.

    missed a step?

    • admin

      the pheonix unpacker’s CDR is already up to date, i updated it before i uploaded it

  • Batat

    When I turn on “” error occurs:

    “Runtime Error (at -1:0):

    Cannot Import

    What to do in this case?

    • admin

      did u point to your extracted files, or just someplace random?

      • Batat

        Run exe and the first thing is you get an error.

        • admin

          restart ur computer and try again,,,,of that doesnt work, post more info here of the problem

          • Batat

            Restarted the computer and still does not work. Only to show this error, I have no other information about the problem. . Could you upload the files from this patch “”?

          • Batat

            Był to problem Windows, na innym włączyło się bez błędu. Dziękuje za próbę pomocy.

          • Batat

            This was a Windows problem, the other included without error. Thank you for trying to help.

  • Dave

    You don’t need to unpack all language packs with phoenix, just the one you want … then you don’t need to delete them after 🙂

    • admin

      i made the same mistake, but turns out that when u block other languages, it doesnt copy some other important files too, its a glitch in phoenix…… so unpack everything to be on the safe side then delete the language files……

  • Kotten

    Hi I did exactly as the instruction but the game wont start. Nothing happens when I click on the .exe file and yes I have tried also to run it as Admin.

    so what to do now?

    • admin

      what does the game say?

    • Sotrashy

      I’m also having this problem. The game doesn’t say anything, it just won’t start at all when you double-click the shogun.exe file in the directory after you went through all the steps.

      • admin

        turn off your firewall

        • Pibb

          Same problem, and the firewall settings didn’t make a difference. V2 breaks it for me.

          • Hamslow

            Same here. Windows 7 x64, applying V2 causes nothing to happen upon running the game.

          • Hamslow

            Figured it out. Here’s what I did to make it work (you may have to do a clean install, I’m not sure):
            1. Apply crack V1.
            2. Run the game. It will show the first title, and the go black. Tab out and chill for a while, tabbing back over occasionally to see if it’s working yet. This may take a while. If you hear a snippet of the splash sound, it’s working.
            3. Exit from the main menu. (This step is important, I know not why.)
            4. Apply V2.
            5. Repeat step three. If it works, yayifications!
            If not, your problem is different from mine and I can’t help. Sowwy 🙁

            Oh, and you may have to disable your firewall/virus protection. It didn’t work unless I did.

          • admin


  • Kokoriko

    Coolman.. I managed to open the game only when I leave it without alt+tabbing when its loading the cinematic..

    –> Iam clicking the .exe
    —> Black screen with a small box (Total war)
    —-> Waiting .. Waiting …
    —> Cinematic

    • admin

      so its working!, be happy!

      • Kokoriko


        • Kokoriko

          Those with Nvidia should pickup the “Enchance the Application Setting” for antialising mode so that Antiliasing will finally become ungreyed..

          • admin

            by god ur right!

  • Dave

    I had the same problem where you double click “shogun2.exe” and it does absolutely nothing. For me, this was caused by extracting with a new version of phoenix — check that you’re extraction directory > 11 Gigs, I was finding that the newer versions of phoenix only seemed to extract around 5 G …

    • admin

      thanks for sharing that with us dave, let me update the article to feature that information

  • E Garlic

    Awesome work guys…. Ive been waiting to find someone with a cracking system that made any sense at all and since no-one seems to be trying to crack it (ie skidrow), this is well appreciated!

    • admin

      No prob 🙂

  • Behrendtz

    When i start the game, with shogun.exe, everything turns black
    After a few seconds the loading screen appears, and after like 20 seconds the game crashes…

  • mokkzzz

    After I unpack it says:

    Unable to unpack file.
    Theremightbe no Encryption keys available.
    Update the ContentDescriptionRecord on the official release date or so
    and try again.

    The folder ended up at 12GB. Wonder whats wrong?

    • mokkzzz

      Its fixed!

      So for those of you with a similar problem, this is what I did. If you overclocked your CPU, then set it back to default speeds, then it will unpack normally.

      Thanks for the post admin!

  • Pajuman

    Thank you admin and Dave your information hekped me and it works now. But the only way the Phoenix was working properly on my computer was installing Phoenix_14beta7 (Phoenix_15beta3 didn’t work) and I had to update content (didn’t work without it).

  • Turius

    My Nod32 detect the download and is blocking it…admin are you sure if the download not contain a virus?

    • admin

      Its safe

  • Pithija

    TNX for this!…srsly, i was trieing to install the whole day, i even found my self some version of pheonix (updated it -.-) , and spent too much time on ali213….chinese is hard even trough google translate X.X …..back to the subject…: even though i found u just now (1am) after whole unproductive day, i’m very happy that u went trough all to help us newbs go trough instalations relatively easy and knowing wth u need to do!…TY u saved my but and made my day!

    • admin

      no prob

  • D

    I done step by step except with Phoenix I only done the english language and left the other ones out….. Then I used your files and when I try to run SHogun2.exe I get this error: Shogun2.exe – ENtry point not found
    ??1WebCoreConfig@Awesomium@@QAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library Awesomium.dll.

    Please let me know.. Thanks.

    • D

      OK. Figured it out… My mistake.. forgot to check where the patch installs… it looked like correct folder but it wasn’t. So I reinstalled it and now it works like a charm.. I completed the full tutorial 🙂 Enjoy gents.

      • Chicken

        Could you please tell me exactly what you did to fix it?
        I have the exact same error

        Thanks in advance

    • jetter

      you need to run alipatch.exe it will add files to the folder, and one of thme is awsome.dll 🙂

  • dude-man

    i cant mount the mdx files with dameon tools

    • admin

      actually you can, did u restart your computer after installing daemon tools?

  • Thorton E.

    When I try to run it after installing, it says:

    …Shogun 2steam.api.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media….

    What should I do? I have no experience with downloading steam games so I’m a little lost here.

    • Thorton E.


      • admin

        did you follow all the instructions?

  • Rock13

    I did exactly what you said.i run win 7 32 bit.Clean install to a specific folder, ali patch, crack v1, and then crack 2.
    Everything went ok with the cracks and the installation but when i open the .exe , the game starting with the first shogun 2 screen BUT when the mouse pointer changing from the windows theme to shogun pointer the game is crashing to windows.
    I have updated my Nvidia gtx 275 drivers.
    I used phoenix 1.4
    The installation folder is 16,4GB
    I have learn my first Chinese words…PLS help

  • Luger

    So the ali213 patch has to be installed to the directory where the game was extracted? It doesnt say that in the directions above and probably should be added. I followed your directions the first time but got an error saying “entry point not found”. Have no idea what that is. Perhaps it was because I didnt put the ali213 patch in the right place? Im trying again now and will do so, hopefully it works. Thanks for the directions.

  • Luger

    The error popped up after I tried to run shogun2.exe

    • admin

      i added that part, just now, point the ali pacth to your inpacked directory and what does the error say?

  • kev

    Thanks worked on my first try with no problems. I doubt ant scene groups will bother with the game as the last few steam games were cracked by a p2p group.

  • ratrat

    so basically i will not have the save issue anymore after applying the cracks from the link u provided?

    • admin

      your save files will 100% work, BUT your old save games are no longer compatible, so just delete them

  • M H

    When I double click the exe it also does nothing. The directory is around 16 gigs and I followed all of the steps. I also disabled my firewall.

    • M H

      I found the problem. When installing everything, some files got saved to a folder called “game” and I installed everything else into my C:Games folder. Copied it over and it worked fine. But now I have another problem where my save game is getting corrupted. And when I try to load it I get CTD

      • admin

        OLD save games wont work, use new ones now, the new ones wont fail you

  • James94

    Hey Admin. This might sound stupid, but i cant post a comment on the frickin site :/ I downloaded all of the files (in this case, parts 1-13) all in rar format obviously. When extracting to get the MDX files, I get a CRC error on parts 7 and 13. I know you have to redownload, and i already have. Same problem. Any suggestions?

    • admin

      download the torrent, it works 100% because its the same version i am using

      • Sejber

        It doesn’t work 100% because few of us followed your instructions to the letter, several times (myself included) and the game won’t start. For me, after the 3rd install it entered the game but it was in Spanish. When I changed it to english, clicking on shogun2.exe does nothing.

        • Kokoriko (Original)

          You just have to change the language by language.txt (ES–> ENG) while you should delete all the non needed files from data.

  • Kokoriko

    shogun 2 stopped loading savegames.. Yes indeed.. At turn 17 but I dont believe its a problem to the crack..

    Any support??

    • admin

      are you sure you started a new campaign?

      • Kokoriko

        Yes.. Both 2 times!..
        I heard about this :
        11.9GB -> 200MB crack -> V1 crack -> V2 crack

        Also, I had the same version with Dave!!
        I managed to save/load properly till 25 now..

        I just have the tendecy to load back if something wrong happened due to a bug etc..

        And that is causing a CTD and a corrupt to all my savegames

        • Kokoriko

          Btw this comment module needs to be changed to a forum like system..

          Its hard to find your comment , other people’s comments and it soon will not be possible to read them all

          • Kokoriko

            LOL.. I hadnt install V1-V2 -.-
            I was following an image having circled the 4th option while install was the 1st.

          • admin


  • Pibb

    Here is my problem: When I use the version of Phoenix that you uploaded (1.4b7) there are no files after selecting the .sim file on the first disc. Where the files should be it still says select a sim file. Thus, I can’t unpack it. I don’t know if this is a Windows 7 64 problem or what, but I have never gotten 1.4b7 to work with shogun 2.

    If I use Phoenix 1.2 final, I see the files and can extract them. The problem is that after installing the last patch (V2), I have the same problem that Kotten was having, and yes my firewall is off. After V1, the game plays fine, but saves wont load. After V2, the computer thinks for a bit, then nothing happens. If I repatch to V1, it runs again.

    • Pibb

      OK. I got it to work with Phoenix 1.4b7 (I was just being dumb because the interface had changed), but I still have the same problem I was having with my old installation.

      After applying the V2 patch, the shogun.exe file doesn’t do anything. If I repatch it to V1 the game starts fine, and plays perfectly as long as I don’t try to load a saved game. If I patch to V2, it breaks the game and it won’t even load. Weird.

  • Kjell

    the pheonix unpacker ask for disk 2 but when try and to unpack it, it asks for disk 1 again and stops. what am i doing wrong?

    • admin

      it only asks for each disk once, did you use the disk 1 first?, i know its a dumb question but people often make that mistake

      • Kjell

        yeah used disk1 first then after some time it asks for disk 2 and when i provide it it asks for disk 1 again right away..

        • admin

          did u pick the first 4 options only or you selected everything?, if you did only 4, select everything this time,

          also did u update the phoenix?

          • Kjell

            tried both selecting all and only the top4, and tried whitout updating and whit updated phoenix :S

          • admin

            the problem then lies with your Disk2.mdx, where did u get it from?

          • ullg3nser

            I have the same problem, and i i downloaded the torrent from demonoid…

  • Jojo

    Hey, I put the crack v1 into the game directory, and clicked the dvd button, and got the first message, but nothing happens after that. There is no message box that pops up with a “No” option.

    • admin

      strange, try to install again….but either way its not important, install patch 2 then run shogun 2.exe tell us what happens then

      • Jojo

        Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

        By install, do you mean starting from the phoenix step, or the ali patch?

        • Jojo

          I would like to add that after I click DVD, nothing installs, I just get a popup and the crack closes.

          • admin

            i think you didnt unpack the files correctly, first just copy the V2 patch in the directory, install it, and run the game, if it doesnt work, then reinstall using the phoenix I put in the file, dont update it and extract everything (you will need to change its language later and i gave instructions for them)

            Then redo the patches and make sure that ali213 patch is pointed to your installation directory, not someplace random

  • Hobo

    When I open the exe.Phoenix I do not see intruments.

    • admin

      its right on top, next to ‘main’ and ‘help’…there are only 3 options on pheonix lol

  • Hobo

    It’s not there.

    • Kokoriko

      Wrong version probably?
      If not just go at the top of the program and check the three options..

  • ffca

    AVG pro detects a virus in shogun2.dll (Win32/heur) after patching with V2 crack

    Any suggestions admin?

    • admin

      its a false positive, dont worry,

      • ffca

        tried loading an old save. it crashed when i ended turn. is that normal?

        i’ll try a new game. again. sigh.

        • admin

          did u make that save before patching the game, if so, it wont work

          • ffca

            it worked for a while. then it stopped.

            oh and i can’t turn on AA. it still looks crappy in game and i even can’t see the lines on the ground during battles (red line for range, and yellow arrows, and even yellow highlights of units)

            i got an ATI card and i forced AA on, but it just made it worse.

  • Hobo

    Whenever I open it, it says launch, launch parameter, program settings mod settings. Did I do something wrong?

  • admin
  • Hobo

    No really those three buttons at the top are not there.

    • admin

      r u sure you are using the version i gave u?

  • admin
  • Hobo


  • DangerousPirate

    Will I be banned from Steam using Phoenix?

    • admin

      no, but to be on the safe side, dont go online in the game,

  • The GeneralSYD

    While Unpacking using phoenix 1.4 beta 7, I get this popup that stops unpacking the game.

    “Unable to unpack file.
    Theremightbe no Encryption keys available.
    Update the ContentDescriptionRecord on the official release date or so
    and try again.”

    I had no choice but to update phoenix, all though it still says the same thing.

    • admin

      did you update phoenix itself, or just the CDR?

      • The GeneralSYD

        The CDR.

  • ffca

    made a new game, deleted old saves

    after turn 100 i get spammed with msgs saying i pirated the game. LOL

    • Kokoriko (Original)

      To make your comment more trustworthy why dont you post some screens? On you in 100 Turn along with the messages?

      (Both of them)..

      • Kokoriko (Original)

        YOU CAN GET AFTER 100 TURN..
        Dont trust them, reporting the opposite

        • admin

          thats awesome!

  • Setek

    I got the game running. (thx) But I still dont get what is the V1 and V2 for?
    I used the V1 and it seemed to work with that alone.
    Then I tried to use the V2 and it didnt work at all? Whats the V2 for?

    • xxx

      Without V2 you saves after 20 turn will be corrupted

  • hitme

    hi, a do everything what in instruction but when i double click on shogun2.exe everything turns black and message Shogun2:totalwar not respond , i no ideaa what i doing wrong:( can you help me?) i have w7 64

    • admin

      how big is your instalation file?

      • hitme

        15.3 GB 🙁

  • litote

    hi i am trying the unpacking thing with phoenix 1.4 b7 and iso files.
    i go for instrument then sid unpacker and search image content on mounted file: no “SIM” file to be seen (only file the program wants to find). when i choose “all files” there are pak files but i cannot unpack them
    What do i do wrong?


  • litote

    ps: there is no “‘select sid file’” option available under instrument

    • admin

      what OS are you on, and did you use the phoenix i packaged in the torrent?

  • Rock13

    If i apply only the v1 crack tha game starts.
    If i apply the v2 crack it doesnt.

    • Kokoriko (Original)

      Are you sure you installed it? Install V1 , V2 and then the game shall run normal..
      Check if your files are almost 14-15gb first..

      To install : Click the 1st big button

    • Rock13

      If you have troubles after installing the second vcrack v2 and the game doesnt start at all you ve got to do the following steps.

      1.Make a clean install
      2.ali patch
      3.crack v1
      4.RUN the game once and quit from the menu.
      5.crack v2.

      It worked for me.I m gonna try the campaign mode now.

  • hunter87

    I followed all intructions to THE LETTER… When i start shogun2.exe nothing happens !
    Admin can you HEEELP PLEASE

  • hunter87

    Here is what i did
    1.Launched Pheonix loaded the sid file from disk1, chose destiantion folder…Finished inst.
    2.installed ali
    3.installed v1 and v2 cracks
    Folder is about 16gb
    Tried all the same, without v1 & v2 cracks, just with ali patch but nothing ever happens and i wonder…

    • admin

      did you unpack BOTH the disks?

  • M H

    I also got a bunch of messages after so long about having pirated the game. About 7 or 8 messages of the same event such as “Ninja Detected” then it says something along the lines of going to the steam store to buy a retail version. And this happens every turn once it begins. Also my save files now CTD lol.

    • admin

      use new save files and make sure you applied allthe patches

      • M H

        I did

  • roeb

    When I unpack the second MDX file all phoenix says is installscript.vdf and just sits there?
    Should I wait? or is this an error?

    • roeb

      nevermind im using the wrong phoenix version

  • me

    I have the ‘SKIDROW’ version of the game , and this seems to be non-steam
    so i cant find any SID files , and i cant unpack anything
    i could install in the normal way but then i need a cd key which i dont have
    Can anyone help?
    the readme says : for non steam files same but no update files but this doesnt help me in what to do 🙂

  • Hobo

    How do you install the both the cracks?
    Whenever I click on them i just get links to chinese websites.

    • admin

      it installs extremely fast, btw you are supposed to click on the button which says ‘DVD’ then some random stuff, its the topleft one. if the chinese site opens, then it means the install is successful

  • Hobo


  • bahadır

    hello ewrybody ım download game with torrent , no problem game is workink but not working save games ı want load but game is down , what the problem ?

    please help me

  • Hobo

    Cant install the v1 and v2 cracks. They come with an when i go to install it.

  • DaweX

    I followed all the steps, and up till part 13 in your walkthrough everything works great (i get the corrupted save error, which i know is fixed in V.2 patch). When i install the V.2 patch, and try to start the Shogun2.exe file, nothing happens. No error window or anything.

    • admin

      i dont know why people are screwing up the v2 patch, restart your computer and do the v2 patch again, maybe the process was still being utilized, when u tried to update it

      • DaweX

        It didn’t work…

  • LJ

    This all works GREAT! Great step by step instructions. You guys should be proud of yourselves! Thanks!

    • admin

      guy*, i made this alone, but thanks anyway!

  • RuffTuff

    FAiRLIGHT release this game now, a real scene release.

    • admin


  • Thankful

    Just posting to say thanks, it works great. (Simple and easy to follow guide).

  • hunter87

    yes, of course i installed both disk. But nothing happens ! I aslo checked the system requirements and its all cool… i have 5 stars on everything, but it still wont work… is there any other release of game i could try out, or something else i can do ? i am a tw freeak, and i cant play it GRRRRRRR !!! Any ideas ???

  • Scotty

    When I try and run Phoenix.exe it just goes in my system tray and wont open for me to press instruments?!

  • Lennart Hendriksma

    I installed everything correctly, 3rd time right now… V2 just messes with the game…
    V1 – install – game works – save+load don’t
    V2 – install – game NOT work!!!
    i did notice in Task Manager, utilizing shogun 2.exe starts a program called DDLhost ???
    don’t know if this is supposed to happen?
    any way, how come some people (like myself) cant start the game after V2?

    btw, nice job on the releases coolman!!

    • Lennart Hendriksma

      P.S. my total install folder is 16.1GB… so i guess it’s complete…

      • admin

        mine is also 16.1, but r u on a 64bit system?

        • Lennart Hendriksma

          jup, 64 bit windows 7

          • Lennart Hendriksma

            and i used the “CLONEDVD VERSIONS” and downloaded the cracks via!

            using the V1 crack doesn’t even load my saved game of turn +1… so, like if i save at turn 2… it gets corrupted..

            V2 will probably resolve the save/load problem, but for me ATM it’s impossible to launch shogun 2.exe

            thanks in advance for trying to help me!

    • admin

      are you on a windows 7 64 bit system?

      • Lennart Hendriksma

        jup, i’m running 64 bit windows 7

        • admin

          some people are having trouble with 64 bit systems but alot of them got it working easily. restart the computer than try again, maybe the process is still running….

          • Lennart Hendriksma

            yhea i read that, i’m installing ATM…
            should i restart my computer before, or after i installed V2?

          • admin

            after, and dont run the game, until after all the patches have been installed

          • Lennart Hendriksma

            i restarted after installing V2… but still no game…

            i dit try to run it, NO firewall, NO Firescanner (AVG), and as administrator…
            no luck…

            any other solutions?

  • Creschlan

    When i push in Phoenix “Scan a SIM-file” i get that error
    What i doing wrong ?

    • admin

      go to instruments, update ContentDescriptionRecord—->Internet. Wait for it to finish then restart phoenix, tell me if it helped, btw nice desktop 😉

  • Creschlan

    Ok works , now i unpacking files. And i like my desktop to (thx) 😀

  • bentzii

    coolman u said it works with the skidrow version but there’s no sid files!
    so how do i unpack it?

  • Parn2

    Hi, i was having the same problem as Creschlan, but when i tried to update ContentDescriptionRecord it show me error, that i have no connection to internet, and when i clicked OK (no other option available) it show me that Phoenix was succefuly updated, but the problem didn’t solve. Any idea what’s wrong?

    • admin

      turn off your firewall/antivirus

    • Parn2

      Ok, problem solved, the issue was that i used few other Phoenix’s from the other site’s and the didn’s work, but i downloaded from here everything is fine. THX

  • Lennart Hendriksma

    i restarted after installing V2… but still no game…

    i dit try to run it, NO firewall, NO Firescanner (AVG), and as administrator…
    no luck…
    also tryed every compatibility mode…
    in task manager, i can see shogun2.exe *32 popup
    but it stops loading after 1116 Kb…

    any other solutions?

  • bentzii

    please m8 can u help me out here? my ps3 got YLOD yesterday so i really need shogun to work…i started to download another version with .mdx files but it on 3.5kb/s so if u know what to do with skidrow’s version i’ll be grateful as hell!

  • Lulzor

    Hello. Like someone else here, I got the SKIDROW .iso version, comes in 2dvds but none of them has any .sid files, just a bunch of .pak files.
    I have to re-download the entire game, right?

    • Kokoriko (Original)

      Search for a .pak extractor.. Iam sure you’ll find one..

    • admin

      i updated the article, head to the ‘non steam’ section of it to learn…..

  • Reigert

    Hi, i’ve got the 2 mdx mounted in daemon.
    i’ve got all the cracks and phoenix 1,4 beta 7. I see the shogun2 disk1.sim and press unpack.. it says it is doing the unpacking/in progress but phoenix stays exactly the same and does not seem to do anything? any help?

    • Reigert

      Oh, i see that i am trying to unpack a Sim while i am supposed to unpack a sid.. but this does not work in phoenix: when trying to unpack a sid it just says i should unpack a Sim instead

  • PrimusPilus

    Anyone having issues with opening the encyclopedia in game? I was playing before installing patch V1 and V2 and could open it (the encyclopedia) without a problem. However, now the window that opens is all F’d up… Any suggestions?

    Thank you so very much for these patches / cracks!


  • PrimusPilus

    addendum –

    I have gone into the data/encyclopedia folder and have opened the html files without an issue… just can’t get it to open properly in game.

    • admin

      they seem to work fine, you are the first person to have this problem, probably an install issue, re install the game, if they are important to you, but how does it look, bad text or no images or what?.

      • PrimusPilus

        When the window opens, it’s just graphical static… As i wrote before, I’m able to open html files just fine (I read and research the encyclopedia html’s on my Macbook Pro while playing the game on the pc). It’s not THAT big of an issue – just kind’a bugs it all. 🙂

        Thank you, again as I’m not ungrateful/complaining – just curious.

  • Thomas

    I every time got an error from the awesomium.dll error. –> ??1Webcoreconfig@Awesomium@@QAE@XZ Its says it isn’t find in the DLL-file Awesomium.dll. I did the Ali.exe When I try to open it. The chinees word. I get this error and the nuuby website opens..

    • admin

      did you point the ali213 patch to you unpacked directory???

      because it gives you the awesome file, V1 and V2 merely use it.

  • Luger

    No worries admin I got it to work after I figured out that it was essential to extract ali213 into the directory where the original game was unpacked. I believe the reason why I encountered the “no entry point found” error was because I didnt do this in the first place. Thanks for your help, and just want to say you have great “customer” service, haha. Also, thanks for adding that little part to your directions that I suggested. I think it will help other people in the future.

  • Hey, I cant unpack Polish.ncf i can unpack only english version.
    Can some1 send me unpacked polish files on (or link)? It would be great.

    • Extilda

      here you go PL language 170+ Mb

      I advice you not to delete EN version (just creat a folder like “eng language” and move it there.
      Also dont forget to edit “language.txt” file in same Data folder. (delete EN and use PL).
      Also sent link to your mail

      • Zorigoo

        Hey could you pls put the EN version…thanks alot rly

  • NotSoTinyTim

    First of, thanks for the awesome step-by-step guide.
    But I’m kinda stuck at 12. I can’t get ali213 to start, whenever I dubble klick it it just shows me an error msg with random letters, I can’t copy them and try to run them in google translate, so I have no idéa on what the heck it says.
    Anyone else had any type of problem to run the ali file?
    I’ve tryed to turn of my anitvirus/firewall, moved the file to the extract point and everything I can think of.
    So am I just more than slightly retarded and missing a massive point?
    And if I am, wich one? 😛

    • Extilda

      just try to re-download it. sometimes you can open .iso files etc just because they were downloaded with error. hope it will help

  • bentzii

    hey, i tried the pak extractor but it says they’re not valid PAK files…whatever…i started downloading the steam version 10x anyway for all the help!

  • zach

    can you let us know when patches/updates come out for this too

    • admin

      yes, the CA has already released V1.1 of shogun 2, but no crack yet. and the patch doesnt improve much

  • Nestor

    Need help, when I try to change the ‘ES’ into ‘EN’ I can’t it says access denied. What should I do?

    • BlackRush

      move the file to your desktop, (just paste it) then change it there and remove it back to the game folder, i had the same problem but i knew what to do 🙂

  • Guy

    i did everything according to this tutorial, but when i click shogun.exe it gives me an error about steam.dll missing. I use the multi repack.

    Thx in advance for any suggestions

    • admin

      did u apply all the three cracks?

    • admin

      is the steam.dll really missing?, check the unpacked directory….

  • esam

    what about the product code at the beginning of installation??

    • admin

      the pheonix unpacker, bypasses that

  • Extilda

    Well, I did everything without your help m8, but i’m making this post only to tell you that you did great job in helping other ppl. Keep up the good work and sorry for my english.

  • Zgen

    Guyz I’m having a big problem i just did exactly what the instructions but then after i click the Shogun.exe my pc is restarting always.>>>>>>>>>>>>>HELP PLEASE??????

    • admin

      restarting!?, strange. reinstall the game, once more. probably a critical file is missing……

      • Zgen

        I have just fixed the prob was my bios is oudated so i update it,.tnx to the reply anyway.

  • Austin Clearwater

    I dont see an option to select a sid file in Phoenix 1.4 b7, only select a sim file, and i did that and i get all these errors, something about an app id and it wont let me do anything! please help!

    • admin

      explain a bit more

    • BlackRush

      yea, you need to select that .sim file, i had it too, mine is working now, thx btw!

  • sci

    having probs unpacking w phoenix. Getting this message near the end of unpacking.

    Unable to unpack the file
    There might be no Encription keys available.
    Update the ContentDescriptionRecord on the official release date or so and try again

    • admin

      go to insrtuctions, update ContentDescriptionRecord —-> Internet, after it finishes, restart pheonix and try again

      • sci

        yea did that but its still the same. Error seems to happen when it tries to unapck English.ncf

        • sci

          btw running Win7 profesional 32bit

  • jibbi

    Having trouble with v1 and v2 crack. It seems to give an error but of course I cant read it. Does it matter where the ali patch is when I run it? need to be in phoenix folder or game folder? Got it dled and unpacked and ran ali and all seemed fine until v1 crack. Trying to unpack again to a new folder and will run ali from there and let you know how it goes.

    • Ratrat, I used the new crack and when the game started, it crashed right at the loading screen. What can I do to fix it?

  • giggity

    I keep getting the dreaded “encountered an error and has to close” message when at the splash screen. I have tried reinstalling the whole thing and it still crashes.

  • PickleJuice

    I’m also getting an error with Pheonix but just at the start of disc 2. It seems to completely unpack all of disc 1 sid file then when I switch the mds to disc 2 and start unpacking I get the same error as SCI. I tried updating the desc record but still the same meassage. Possibly a currupt mds download? But then why would it even mount?

    “Unable to unpack the file
    There might be no Encription keys available.
    Update the ContentDescriptionRecord on the official release date or so and try again”

    Win 7 64
    Install dir on a different drive

  • Lager

    I have prob too i just follow the guide and when phoenix done i go to directory which i put and dont fine the game setuped just an empty file i did it twice but nothing.

    • admin

      did u update the pheonix or use a new version?, use the one bundled in the download

  • sky

    invalid PAK files! 🙁

  • blend beqiri

    the graphic sucks how can i fix it is very dark

  • helpless

    you are mentioning the only sid file but i find 5 in my mounted directory
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1.sim
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1.sis
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1_0.sid
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1_1.sid
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1_2.sid
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1_3.sid
    Total War- Shogun 2_disk1_4.sid

    • T.J.

      use the .sim file, it’ll work

      same for disc 2

  • Orzagh

    I installed everything according to instructions, but my virussoftware (AVG) says Shogun.dll ids a threat every time I try to start the computer. Did I do something wrong?

    • admin

      no, just ignore it, its a false positive

      • pieter

        i get this threat to and when i press ignore the avg window quits but nothing happens…. the app doesn’t start

  • blend beqiri

    admin why are the characters so dark how can i fix it and i have invidia 9800gt 3gb ram

  • RickJames

    So it’s all working for me – except – I can’t load anything past turn 10. I don’t know why, I’ve made several saves and an autosave, but none of them are loading. Should I try reinstalling the game?

    • RobUK

      I have this problem! Quite irritating because as you said – everything else works perfectly.

      Any ideas?

  • Urho

    I downloaded an iso version of the game, before i can install it asks for a cd key.
    How can i install it?

    • Urho

      its 2 cd

  • Macrath

    Seriously before you ask a question try reading through all the comments to find your answer, because it is likely someone already asked the same dumbass question and has already recieved the answer. This is easily the most annoying process i have ever seen for ripping a game and if you are really that frustrated either wait on a better rip or go buy the fuckin game.

  • AndP

    When i launch shogun.exe i get an error saying something like that: ” shogun2 has encounterd a problem and needs to close. Sorry for inconveniance.”

  • Nestor

    Need help, when I try to change the ‘ES’ into ‘EN’ I can’t it says access denied. What should I do?

  • ratrat

    Going by the comments, this crack is nuked and will not work. After 12 turns I cant load my saves. Thanks for the info. anyways

  • Scorpion

    Just want to say thanks to Coolman for his step by step explanation, i couldn’t have done it without it.

    Thanks again sir

  • ratrat

    New crack: (~17mb) uploaded to the Chinese site yesterday. May have to delete old saves and start new campaign if saves with older cracks wont load. Cant say yet if it fixes save issue but will post if works

    • admin

      i already know about the flt crack, its bassically a copy of the V2 chinese crack patch, it does nothing new, all it does is remove the hattori clan from the game. so just avoid it

  • ratrat

    *Scroll down and click the green button on the left hand side to download the file from that site

  • DRLK

    hey im getting stuck at step 6.. where it says scan a sid file. when i click it after doing all the earlier steps correctly i get an error saying No such AppID – ‘34331’ (previous:). this same error comes 11 times. i dont know how to proceed from here. pls help

  • john

    i have a problem about the update phoenix.. it says
    Error updating ContentDescriptionRecord… can anyone help me??? T_T im using xp and phoenix 1.4 beta and i tried 7 and 8.. same problem

    • Santas Little Helper

      Disable any active firewall or your virus scanner. It worked for me.

  • I cant get it to work, keeps crashing when i start the game

  • Steve

    I’ve followed all of the instructions, but when I try to run the game I get an error that “Steam_api.dll is missing”. I copied that file from another Steam game’s folder, but now I get the error “Mss32.dll is missing”, so I again copied that file from another Steam game. When I did that I got an error saying “The procedure entry point _AIL_set_listener_3D_position@16 could not be located in the dynamic link library mss32.dll”

    Any clue how to fix this?

    • admin

      download mss32.dll, search it from google, copy it to the system32 folder, from c:/windows. this will fix it

  • simda

    Ok i have an iso version of the game and i have read the instructions, and i cant come up with anyway to extract the 2 iso files using dragon unpacker. Am i just missing something?

    • admin

      you dont extract the iso files, you first mount them, then extract the PAK files inside the iso

  • how can i change the language??

  • jnites02

    After clicking Shogun2.exe, I get an error message saying “steamsuserstats can not be located in the dynamic link library steam_api.dll”

    also, when attempting to install the V1.crack, i click the button with “DVD” in the middle of the text, but i get an error message in chinese. deeeeeelightful.

    • Pipes

      I also got this error

    • Michael

      I think I may have the same problem, when your trying to install the crack V1, you hit the button in Chinese which I am guessing is “install” then it pops up with an error in more Chinese?

  • motazturk

    hey!! i did everything exactly as instructed!!! but when i click on shogun.exe nothing happen!!! help plss

    • ratrat

      disconnect from the net. turn off ur antivirus and firewall etc. reinstall cracks provided here. if not working, d/l latest flt crack. read previous comments for link

    • Niunio

      Use Phoenix 1.4 beta 7

  • Dimitris

    The procedure entry point Steam user stats could not be located in the dynamic link library Steam_api.dll. i did downloaded mss32.dll as you replyed to Steve and got that.
    Any clue?

  • Jerre

    I did all according to the guide and worked well.
    It started up in spanish so i deleted the files and changed to eng and the game won’t get past the 1st loading screen anymore.
    Can anyone upload those files again? or did I delete too much?

    • Jerre

      wanted to add i want to play in English so if somebody can gimme a link to files needed for english version i would be verry gratefull

    • admin

      you are supposed to change the ES into EN not eng

      • admin

        and maybe you still have the files in the recycle bin

  • RobUK

    Is there any explanation as to this inability to load saved games after turn 10?

  • mahyar

    For Me It needs CD Key, any body could Find It ?!

  • jnites02

    the cracks installed fine once i lumped everything into the same folder.
    however, i’m now getting an error message saying that my folder is “not designed to run on windows or contains an error.”
    any suggestions?

  • Dbadarin

    Where is phoenix.exe

  • Dbadarin

    it says I need a password…

  • asakar

    hey i put the crack v1 in the file location and when i click on the dvd button it pops up an error box and im assuming it says im missing steam api.dll could you help me fix this

    • najibbakr

      guys you have to install ali crack in which you unpack total war shogun 2 remember this or the cracks v1 and v2 wont i have done every thing and the games work perfectly but really demanding even on my gtx 580 i am getting 25 to 30 fps

      • admin

        turn off that Ambient lighting thing, it eats up the framerate

  • JLA


  • Pipes

    Did everything according to this guide and I get “The procedure entry point SteamUserStats could not be located in the dynamic link library steam_api.dll”. tried delete/unpack/resintall cracks to no avail. help!

  • Dukesofnothing

    I can play the game perfectly but there is a problem loading saved games after a few turns. When loading it after at least the 10th turn, it tells me that that “an error has occured” and it requires me to do a task manager to quit. Any one else having this problem or solved this?

    • ratrat

      hat the same problem with the cracks provided here. but then d/l the new crack that was uploaded to the chinese site on the 21st and ran it and shogun has been working fine since. been able to load saves since and im on my 45th round in shogun. check earlier comments for the the d/l link

  • admin

    i was just thinking, why dont i upoad the whole game, extracted and cracked?, i think that would be the end of all problems…..

    • Michael

      do itttt pleaseee haha

  • someone

    I put Shogun2 in the Virtual Devices of Daemon Tools, burned it, but inside it ther’s FIVE .sid files, not just one like it’s said in the guide

    • someone

      And with Disk2 it’s ten .sid files

  • someone

    Plus there is no “select SID file” in the Phoenix commands, ther’s just “SIM-file” wich is different.

  • ratrat

    again, as im seeing more comments referring to the load problem after round 10 (as also happened to me too) try the link i provided earlier which has the latest crack. should resolve the load issues

  • ratrat

    download torrent: Total War Shogun 2 READNFO-FLT. Apparently has no issues with saves, running game and works perfect. If some1 can confirm….

  • someone

    The folder is 17GB and the .exe file of Shogun2 isn’t even starting

  • Tanaka

    I have the digital version of the game and downloaded it using steam…although it did give me th option of using downloader i didn’t bother using it to install the game. Once the download was complete i launched the game but after a few minutes i get an message saying: Shogun 2 has stopped working and then asks to close the program. At the moment the game is reinstalling itself after i checked file integrity on steam. What can be done if this doesn’t work and the problem persists? I am currently running the game on my vaio laptop and my system model is: VGN-Z26GN_B
    My Processor is: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

    I think the problem may be solved after this reinstalling the game but if it isn’t could it be because:
    1) My comp just can’t handle the game -_-
    2) Downloader is conflicting with the game o_o (using downloader means i have to reinstall steam again -_-)
    3) No idea but would definitely like help!

  • hey guys… i have problem, the skies is black.. why is that?

  • Joe

    Did everything accordingly, when i run shogun2.exe it says that Shogun2 stopped working, due to an shogun2.dll error from the report
    One more thing, after I install the first crack, the ali213, it asks me if I want to install the directX and vcredlist and etc. Do I install those?
    Please help me out, I want to play this game as soon as possible lol
    BTW im using Windows 7, 64x

  • Virael

    I’ve got a problem. When i wont update a PHX, Sim scan pops only few errors and “unknown application”, so even unpacking is impossible.
    When i update PHX, 1st disc unpacking w/o problems, but when im trying to unpack 2nd disc, PHX wants from me a 1st one. When im mounting 1st again – unpacking starts from begining…
    Any ideas?

  • kstz

    I have a question i did everything and it worked
    via tunngle hosting games?


    • admin

      no online or LAN dont work,

  • Jay

    I’ve unpacked both files using phoenix but it doesn’t unpack a shogun2.exe so I can’t apply any patches or run the game. Could someone please post a solution to this problem… I’ve been trying to get this to run for about 6 hours now 🙁


    • admin

      there is no shogun.exe inside the image file, thats why phoenix doesnt unpack it, when you apply the patches they create a shogun.exe for you. just follow the instructions

      • i install it all and all works good but there is a great probleme ! when i click on Shogun.exe to Play the game ! Nothing appare :s
        i waste all my time :'(

  • Jay

    I’d just like to quickly add that there is not a solution to this problem anywhere on the internet, so if anyone could please shed some light on how to unpack or find a working shogun2.exe, you will make everyone with this problem very very happy. I am using Windows 7 64bit.

  • Russell

    Anyone else getting a warning that there’s a trojan in phoenix? tried downloading it from 3 different places now and Sophos isn’t liking any of them. Any advice?

    • admin

      it doesnt have a virus, u got a flase positive, and use the bundled phoenix

  • lurker

    After I click phoenix.exe the program icon shows on my tray but after I click it nothing happens so I cant continue with the installation. What can be wrong?

  • Max

    i got to step 13. when the message box opened up i clicked yes, and the game loading screen opened before crashing. I then tried again this time clicking no after which nothing happens at all. I cannot manage to install the cracks for some reason…

  • williewonka

    thx for this post! i followed your instructions and this works great so far!

  • David

    ive tired with phoenix 4 beta 7 and with the newer phoenix 5,
    using 4 it wont unpack at all it says missing app id’s
    using 5 it unpacks to only about 6mb

    • admin

      update the CDR of pheonix 4, by going in instruments, update ContentDescriptionRecord–> internet, wait for it to finish, then restart it. Dont use pheonix 5.

  • Pyscho

    I have followed all the instructions, but when I click the exe file I get Entry Point Not Found Error
    “The procedure entry point
    ??1WebCoreConfig@Awesomium@@QAE@XZ could not be locatied in teh dynamic link library Awesomium.dll.” any help would be appreciated.

    • admin

      did you point the ali213 patch to where you unpacked the game?

  • m3my

    Thanks so much… working.

  • Rio

    i need help after 70 turning game crashed :((

    • admin

      does it happen everytime or is it just random?

  • kimi

    I mounted iso files,and than do job with phoneix…obviusly its not steam version so i intalled alli crack,after that i started the game,and after firts introducing screen my computer restart???what is that?what should i do?

    • admin

      non steam versions are a pain, i personally used a steam version, so i can only help on that version, the non steam versions are untested waters.

  • Jbravo1453

    can you tell me please how can i change the language of encyclopedia to english too. the game is working perfect btw 🙂 thanks a lot

  • Justin

    How do I get the second disc to run? Phoenix shows up this error in a different language saying Total War sid but when I mount to the 2nd disc and open it with phonix it says “Pheonix is already flying ;D.

    So I can’t even open it????!?!?!?!

    • Justin

      I fixed it but now where do I download shogun crack v1??? When i run v2 it doesn’t work shows chinese letters…

      • ROnneth

        HOW DO YOU FIXED THIS ISSUE?..please next time…if you find out ho to solve would be nice to tell others about it please…im having the same problem.

      • admin

        everything is bundled in the file, all the patches.

  • Simon

    when i come to scan the .sim file with Pheonix it says : ”Apps” section not found in ”E:Total War- SHOGUN 2_disk1.sis”! Wrong disk? Anyone has an idea of whats wrong ?!

    • Boris Hunneman

      use other version of phoenix i had same problem i used phoenix 1.5 beta 4 worked fine

      • Simon

        I did used pheonix 1.5 beta 4 and it doesnt work either… i’m getting the same message from pheonix.. also I can’t mount my 2nd .MDX file on daemon tools but i have no problem mounting the 1st one..

        • admin

          the second one might be corrupted, but to be safe, first update daemon tools

  • Boris Hunneman

    when phoenix trys to open shogun 2 disc 2_3 a red screen pops up and tells me there is a problem extracting half-life engine.gcf. does some one knows what to do?

    • Boris Hunneman


    • admin

      did u use the bundled pheonix?

      • Boris Hunneman

        eeeh phoenix 1.2
        i guess, witch one should i use? where can i download

      • Boris Hunneman

        did it with phoenix 1.5 beta 4 thanks

  • ROnneth

    GAmes its allways 5 Gbs….no more not less…
    wit the 1.5 version Beta 2

    I triyed with the one you upload. here.. the 1.4 beta 7…

    its given me weird language..not even RUssian ..but funny fonts. and an insisting windows ask me for the disk 2 and never stop adking..a press ok.. and nothing…. any version.that actualy work???

    i have erase all previouse version. and extract the Phoenix 1.4 beta 7 vanilla, and nothing. no updates nothing…just extractred and triyed to unpack……

    any doying for playing this game!

    • james

      Make sure you have the latest version of phoenix (1.5 beta 4) and insure that you place this program in the folder you are going to unpack the information. Bot of these action helped me avoid the error window.

  • Temu

    Its working, did everything which was told in this guide and I must say very detailed and an awesome one. I have a problem though whenever I start the game it tries to connect to internet and exits…but there are chances it runs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • admin

      That never happened to me before, and you are the first person having this problem, use your firewall to block it something.

  • Temu

    The problem is exactly that denying access makes the game to exit so this is what I did gave it access to internet, working as intended now. I just hope its ok giving it access to internet? Plus the game crashes on clicking on “Avatar Contest” found in Multiplayer.

  • 白白

    Hi there!

    I’m having a different issue which I seem to share with a few people: I installed the game just the way you said (twice actually) using the MDX files and the patch you provided us with. After patching the game, I tried to launch it and for some reason (which I do not know) the program shuts down. It is impossible for me to open the game. Did this happen to anyone else here? I have seen on TPB a few people that had the same problem. Could you please advise on how to solve tis issue?


  • zach

    hey guys again
    I was playing my merry way through this game until I reached a bug
    on turn 68 of my Date campaign, during the AI turn (after I end turn”) the game always crashes.

    I am 99% sure this is an anti-piracy check or measure because someone else had the exact same problem as me at the exact same turn/clan

    any info on this? I used this guide to install so I have crack v1 and v2. loading/saving works fine but that one turn fucks me

  • damu

    for turning on anti aliasins as instructed i went to nvidia 3d program setting but i do not find shoegun2 file in the appliaction list

  • Ron

    I followed your guide and am having trouble with the crack.

    I copied the crack V1 and V2 to the “game” directory and run it.
    When I click on the top left with the “DVD” it comes out this error:


    This happens for both versions. Please help. Thank you.

    • asd

      I have the same problem, did you fixed it ?

    • Darius G.

      1:Same problem here RON has, i have (w7, 32 bit)

      2:Another problem on w7 64 bit, while phoenix 1.4 b7 extracts cd 1, gives an error and stops

  • Да, такой блог однозначно надо раскручивать сильнее – что б как можно больше людей о нем узнали!

  • Vaidis


  • nafnaf

    i cant load any of my save games with both of the cracks installed

  • enemy

    i did exactly as posted step by step but when i click on shogun2.exe nothing happens
    i tryed compatibility mode for xp sp3 and nothing
    any help ……………………………thx

  • Cdale

    worked great man thanks but it just runs sloooow sometimes i’ll just lower the settings

  • Wirk

    It doesn’t start, only the first loading screen, and then it closes without any message, damn I really wanted to play it.

    is because I have xp sp3?

  • Hey

    Ok… so I did everything as told… installed.. but whenever i try clicking shogun2.exe, antivirus always pops out, saying that shogun2.dll is infected… even if i click ignore, shogun2 won’t run. Suggestions?

    • admin

      turn off the anti virus

  • Johnny

    Hi! I managed to install the game according to the instructions written on this page. But when I try to open the game it says that “steam_api.dll” is missing. Now I want to reinstall the game, but I don’t know how to uninstall it. Can someone help me with an advice?

    • admin

      just delete the folder, thats all you need to do.

  • Johnny

    Someone told me that there might remain some files if I simply delete the folder. Secondly, I found another folder in My COmputer. Is it enough if I delete these two folders?

  • Johnny

    What happens if i dont turn off the antivirus?

  • Johnny

    I have deleted the two folders of Shogun 2 (one of them was in My Computer, the other was the one that I created on desktop). Is this enough for uninstalling? Someone told me that some files may remain if I just delet the folders.

    • admin

      its enough, but to be careful run a regestry fixer or scanner, but i dont think there will be many conflicts, as i installed and unistalled the game multiple times, by just deleting the folder

  • SIRBIR141


  • Dave

    I installed the game in my desktop and the two patches, game works fine but occasionally crashes and saved games still don’t work.

  • lordfrai

    sir i did everything what you said the only problem is i dont seen to have shogun.exe… what should i do??

  • HelpNeeded

    Umm im in a pickle atm so i need some help…
    I followed all the instructions (patches, cracks etc.) but once i click the Shogun2.exe the game just wont start. My PC thinks for second and then nothing happens. No error report nothing… Help please…

    • Hitch

      I’m not sure why, but I also have this problem. If I install the first crack it will open, but not with the second one.

  • zabi

    may seem stupid, cant find “select sid file” on sid unpacker! its weird
    Its giving SIM file!
    Plz help man

  • zabi

    one more thing, does it make a diff with wat phoenix we use, i tried with phoenix 1.4 beta 7 and beta 8!
    still nothing
    help! 🙂

  • zabi

    when i click on scan for sim file, i get a messgae box “No such AppID-‘34331 (previous)” for a whole lot
    then another message box “Unknown GCF ID list (for this moment) (maybe you shoudl consider updating ContentDescriptionRecord?):

    • Tlakoyo

      I have the very same problem, heeeelp please

      • karionetti

        If you’re using phoenix 1.4 beta 7 launch update in instruments menu and try to load the sim file again

  • Mukh

    Im having issues with running the game. I installed the game right and its working fine, but the picture will not show up. I tried downloading the Catalyst control center for ATI, but the program gives me error when i try to run CCC (the error is Catalyst control senter: application has stopped working) Im using windows 7 32 bit with ATI radeon x1200 graphics card. If you have the solution please help

  • TB

    Hey Admin,

    Great thread. Game works. Followed instructions and can run the game.
    1. Opened ali213 and directed to my game directory folder. It installed – but no local_en files. None that you mentioned actually:

    None. Not in any folders on my PC.


  • Sunny

    any info on multiplayer? btw…the game runs perfect…havnt tried the campaign so hopefuly doesnt give any problems

  • Dell

    hey, where do i find the pheonix.exe? i have a “Phoenix 1.4 Beta 7” but, i can’t find pheonix.exe

    • Sunny

      dude…jst click phoenix 1.4 beta 7


    im stuck on step 13, i copied the crack to the directly, opened it, clicked the ‘DVD’ thing, but some error popped up. please help!

  • Stats


    I have reinstalled many times..

    i also get the “NO GFC in Spyball message” but it seemd to install.

    But I cannot load saved games!!

    • asd

      Hey man try save your games with numbers for example dont save it as winter 1456, save it just 1456… It works for me … for now…

  • Kaine

    I followed the language change instuctions exactly but I found that when I deleted the local_sp.pack file the game will not run. It crashes to desktop. Restoring the sp.pack file allows the game to run. I even tried renaming the en.pack file to sp.pack but it didn’t work. I also read and verified with a pack manager that the file structure for the 2 are different. Help im outta ideas.

  • Nico

    When it ask for the 2nd SID file, I unpack it and it ask for the first immediately, I can’t do nothing that crash (sorry for my bad English, I’m French)

    • Nico

      I use Phoenix 1.4 beta

      • did you download pheonix from this website or somewhere else?

  • Mando

    Thanks so much for this explanation. I have followed all the steps and it went well. But it was just stop at step 13 and 14, I do not understand at all. Of course, I have patches first and then copied the crack v1 and 2 to the game directory. But you wrote that I have (to install click the top left button Which looks like “DVD”)
    So if you mean double clicking on the crack is at this: shogun2.V1.Crack, and the second is that the V2? If it is so, then I get a box with some icons that are clickable. But it is in Chinese. And nothing happens in all cases when I click on the icons, the only websites that are opened.
    PLZ help

    • admin

      No prob, let me explain. First double click the v1 crack, then click the top left button. Some thing will popup in chinese, just click “no” to that. It might even open some website on your default browser, ignore that too. Then rinse and repeat for V2, then you can play your game.

      • Mando

        Thanks for the quick reply :))
        When I dubellklick to crack one or two pops up a box that I have mentioned before. And on top of the left side Which looks like “DVD” when I click on it then opens a small window on the Swedish language: Move
        There are the usual options available on most PC boxes.
        I do not know, I’m confused. What do you think?

        • Anonymous

          Hmmm, interesting, can you please post me a screenshot? I can give precise instructions then.

          • Mando

            Ok, but I could not shoot the little box that pops up when I click on the top left button. I thought that I have downloaded the wrong crack but I have now downloaded from your website.
            Thank you very much, you are a helpful person

          • No problem 🙂

          • Mando

            I post it last week.

  • Tosh

    Hello, got serious problem.
    I continued the instructions, but when I press “Scan a SIM-file”, it just pops up few errors, and it tells me that I should update ContentDescriptionRecord. So I tried to do it via internet, but it tells me: “No internet connection!” and doesnt update properly. help please, cant get this working. Tried downloading different versions of Phoenix, but still this bug. Obviously I have internet connection.

  • Guestt

    followed instruction. Unpacked game with Phoenix, installed patch, then crack V1 and V2. Started game with shogun2.exe. Screen goes black and all crashes with com. “there is problem with application shoun2.exe and it will be closed”. Any sugestions?

  • Reaperchong

    Shogun2.exe-Bad image
    The application or DLL C:Program FilesPhoenixsteam_api.dll is not a valid Windows image.Please check this against your installation diskette ( NEED HELP )

    • Reaperchong

      i ned help emergency

  • Hi every one i try to make the movie in my Shogun 2 total war. I already download the movie pack and follow the instruction ,but i got a problem. There aren’t any movie for Oda , Takugawa,…… and there aren’t any victory Movie after finish the game. Is there any solution to this i really want to have all movie??????????????????

    • admin

      Some clans wont have cut scenes work, some work just fine. Unfortunately there is no known solution, please tell me if you find one. But do the other clans have a cutscene?, or just these specific ones have a problem?

  • OoRonaldxX

    I’ve been playing this game for like a month, thx to the uploaders a lot.

    I have even visited the forums and grabbed some mods, posted my feedbacks without the modders knowing that I cracked the game. But I got one problem. How do I patch the game? There are so many good fixes in the patch. Do I need steam to patch it? How do I do it?

    And is there a manual patch? I think steam didn’t upload the patches so that those who cracked the game can’t patch it. ANY HELP WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

    • OoRonaldxX

      Oh and you even said above that we could wait for the patch to have the anti-aliasing. But how could I patch this cracked game? I can’t open it with steam.

      • admin

        This month Shogun 2 will receive a giant patch (with anti aliasing and direct x) the full changelog is here When they release it, I am sure all the pirate groups will upload a hacked version, when they do that, I will post it here with instructions. The patches which are already out seem halfhearted and rushed and not worth it, wait for the big one.

  • Oh fri i have pack this game from V1.0.0 build 3241.0 to build 3327.284659 already. It easy just search Google and u find some file like Patch1.pack and more. And u just replace it. The game version will change. i don’t know if it patch or not. Just copy and it change. Here link for patch and crack :

    Also u need torrent to download this u can use u torrent or other it up to u.

    • admin

      I have tried what you posted and it works. By works I mean that it patches the game, I didnt notice any difference though. Just to be safe lets wait for the big patch (it comes out in a week or so). But thanks for posting the link.

    • OoRonaldxX

      the torrent is deleted. And it says to the comment that it’s fake. It has some surveys.

      • admin

        Just wait for the big patch. The patch he posted mostly fixes multiplayer issues which is useless to us as we cant play multiplayer.

  • OoRonaldxX

    I’ve been playing this game for like a month, thx to the uploaders a lot.

    have even visited the forums and grabbed some mods, posted my feedbacks
    without the modders knowing that I cracked the game. But I got one
    problem. How do I patch the game? There are so many good fixes in the
    patch. Do I need steam to patch it? How do I do it?

    And is
    there a manual patch? I think steam didn’t upload the patches so that
    those who cracked the game can’t patch it. ANY HELP WOULD BE VERY MUCH

    Oh and you even said above that we could wait for the patch to have the
    anti-aliasing. But how could I patch this cracked game? I can’t open it
    with steam.

    • admin

      Well you will have to wait a bit, yesterday they released the big patch I was talking about and yes it really is big (2 GB!). You will have to wait till one of the pirate groups make a manual patch for it, when they do make it I will post it here.

  • OoRonaldxX

    I’ve been playing this game for like a month, thx to the uploaders a lot.

    have even visited the forums and grabbed some mods, posted my feedbacks
    without the modders knowing that I cracked the game. But I got one
    problem. How do I patch the game? There are so many good fixes in the
    patch. Do I need steam to patch it? How do I do it?

    And is
    there a manual patch? I think steam didn’t upload the patches so that
    those who cracked the game can’t patch it. ANY HELP WOULD BE VERY MUCH

    Oh and you even said above that we could wait for the patch to have the
    anti-aliasing. But how could I patch this cracked game? I can’t open it
    with steam.

    • OoRonaldxX

      srry for the spam…I’m just desperate for the patch.

      • admin

        We all are. 🙂

      • Post has been updated on how to install the latest patch!

  • Mura

    Thanks alot for the updates, instructions were easy to follow, but I have a problem, my hattori campaign disappeared after installing the directX 11 update, any solution?

    • Your welcome!,  here is the hattori clan unlocker
      The problem is that i havent tried it with this Direct X patch, so I have no idea what will happen. If you want to try, please back up your game first. And if you get the time please tell me if it works or not, by posting your results here. 

      • Mura

         Nope, it doesn’t work, the program closes itself after the first loading page when you start the game.

        • admin

          ok thanks for telling me. if i find a hattori clan solution i will tell you.

        •  Thanks for telling me that, i guess we will have to wait then.

          • Mura

            Alright.. will be patiently waiting 🙂 

      • Mura

         Nope, it doesn’t work, the program closes itself after the first loading page when you start the game.

      • Mura

         Nope, it doesn’t work, the program closes itself after the first loading page when you start the game.

      • Mura

         Nope, it doesn’t work, the program closes itself after the first loading page when you start the game.

      • Bad213Boy

        The Hattori Clan Unlocker works. However, only copy and paste  Steamclient.dll to your game directory.

  • Khalikryst

    For some reason after i’ve installed everything and used all three cracks, when I attempt to launch the game, it acts like it’s processing and about to open then stops like nothing was happening… Is there a reason why it won’t launch? I’m running it on Windows 7.

  • Wasimzakir

     i had russian rip pack and after installation as 14.6 then i installed dx11 ptach so all option available but no graphics changee same as old !!

    • admin

      Did u change the graphics settings in the options menu of the game?

  • TexasUT

     After I follow the steps to delete the stuff to make my game go to english and open the language.txt document, It’s exactly how you put it on here, saying ES, but when I change it to EN and attempt to save it, it says cannot create and to check path and stuff…

    • admin

      Restart your computer, then the first thing you should do is to open and change the Language.txt. If this doesnt work then copy the file somewhere else, edit it, delete the old one and copy the new edited version in place of it.

  • Kane_harkonnen

     any news for the latest update patch 3444?

  • aweseom101

    it says i need a product key where do i find this?

    • admin

      Follow my instructions you wont need a product key then.

  • PAUL88

    any words on the DLC release?

  • Bad213Boy

    Someone still needs to fix the movie .pack files. Even the Add-on
    Torrent one is wrong. I had to used Pack File Manager to open the
    movies2.pack file and half of the intro and ending videos were all

    I had to install RADTools and FMV-Extractor. You can’t just play the
    .bik files using RADTools. I needed something to analyze the info first
    and unlock the file in order for RADTools to play the videos. This is
    where FMV-Extractor came in. I was able to analyze each .bik file and
    then play them within FMV-Extractor, but it still needed RADTools
    installed to play the videos.

    There are quite a few videos missing. The Takeda intro movie is missing,
    and the Mori, Oda, Takeda, and Uesugi ending videos are missing.

    • admin

      I will be on the look out for the fix.

    • admin

      I will be on the look out for the fix.

    • Thanks for the info, I will be on the look out for a fix.

  • Bad213Boy

    The Hattor Clan Unlocker Torrent download works with the DX11 patch and crack. You just have to copy and paste  Steamclient.dll to your main directory. Any extra files will cause the game not to load.

    • admin

      Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • Jajaja

      doesn’t seen to work on the clonedvd? it just crash on loading screen…

      • admin

        Make sure you have the latest Direct X and .Net framework installed.

  • Ezrastar1

    How do I update the game to build 3444?

    • nuc001

      You can download the patch here:

      I just managed to patch it…don’t know how it plays but at least it says v1.1.0 Build 3440.0 now

      • admin

        Thank you for the info, I tried it myself too and it worked, as for how much it changed the game I cant say. But anyways I have updated the article with your link and thanks again.

      • Thank you for the info, I tried it myself too and it worked, as for how much it changed the game I cant say. But anyways I have updated the article with your link and thanks again.

  • Bob

    When i update to the DX11 patch, i only get the intro running, then the game crashes and returns to deskstop.

    • admin

      Also apply the 3444 build patch mentioned, right after the DX11 patch. If it still crashes, then we can do something different.

  • Atlassisamli

    hey, great share thanks, but i have a problem

    after extracting with phoenix, i copied the two cracks into the game directory, but couldn’t find a way to use those cracks. when i click the top left button,  i get an error report, and nothing happens, can’t open the game. can you help me?

    • admin

      Thanks for posting the screenshot, I dont have a solid solution for it, but I have an idea. Forget the cracks, just apply the Direct X 11 patch and then the 3444 build patch on top of your uncracked game. I think the game should start anyway. Please try this and if it doesnt work, tell me, we can try something different then.

    • Thanks for posting the screenshot, I dont have a solid solution for it, but I have an idea. Forget the cracks, just apply the Direct X 11 patch and then the 3444 build patch on top of your uncracked game. I think the game should start anyway. Please try this and if it doesnt work, tell me, we can try something different then.

      • Atlassisamli

        i downloaded the dx patch from your link (1,36 gb) and copied all the files into the game directory as written. this time i got mss32.dll error, tried finding the dll from an external link, and copied it into the game directory too, but this time i got “AIL_set_listener_3D_position@16:disqus  could not be located in the dynamic link library mss32.dll” error, which i think came out because of my random mss32 file. i might have fucked up somewhere in installation, so i’ll try to install it all from the beginning. thanks anyways.

  • legoras

    ” I am not  helping you to pirate this game” you are stiupid or what?

    • Assas

      are you stiupid, fucken idiot.

      • Hujsieto

        hey bitch are you dumb? .. yes we know

  • Westheadl

    it won’t let me take phoneix.exe out the file y??? my anti virus just says high risk blocked :/

    • admin

      Turn off the anti virus, the file is completely safe, I have used the same file personally (I am assuming you are using the same file I posted above).

    • Turn off the anti virus, the file is completely safe, I have used the same file personally (I am assuming you are using the same file I posted above).

  • slipped

    would the patch work with fairlight version of the game?? coz i’ve tried it & i wouldn’t work, it just freeze upon loading & after a while Win7 will close it with an error stating Shogun2 has stop responding.. any idea?

    • admin

      Actually it should work with any version, since it overrides almost all of the cracked files with new updated cracked ones. If it doesn’t work, then you can try the method I have mentioned above, and did you use the DX11 patch or the 3444 build one, or both?.

    • Actually it should work with any version, since it overrides almost all of the cracked files with new updated cracked ones. If it doesn’t work, then you can try the method I have mentioned above, and did you use the DX11 patch or the 3444 build one, or both?.

      • slipped

        btw i used both update, 1st i installed the DX11 update then the build 3444 update, is it conflicting? i tried both DX9 and DX11 but it just freeze… thanx in advance for our attention

        • No problem. You can do 2 things.

          1- Reinstall the game (steam version), and use the cracking instructions I have mentioned above.

          2. Make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers, latest Direct X and the latest .Net framework, then run it again.

          Try method 2 first, if it doesnt work, resort to the first suggestion. And no it doesnt conflict actually you are supposed to do the cracks first, then dx11 patch then the 3444 patch. One after the other. Anyways go ahead and tell me what happens.

          • slipped

            thanx ;D

          • slipped

            what you got here is a big favor to me man, anyway i use shogun 2 fairlight edition and the step above is applicable, you (admin) can add it above and i can verify it for you.

            just skip the last step in fairlight installation which is auto update & crack and crack or update using the file above.

            thanx again man!

  • toxicious

    Do you have any changelog on the 3444 Patch?

    • admin

      Just some bug fixes and some multi core processor problems solved, nothing out of the ordinary.

    • Just some bug fixes and some multi core processor problems solved, nothing out of the ordinary.

      • toxicious

        k thx

  • Reishdi

    How do I update the game to build 3517.0

    • Sorry, you will have to wait. And do you have a changelog for the build?

  • NaMe

    I have a problem. I get a bug after a while of playing: Loaded a game without an autentic copy of Total War: Shogun 2 installed. Consequently, the game become unestable. Anyone know how to fix?

    • Became unstable?, how?. Did you apply the 2 patches I mentioned above?

  • tseuG

    Help please: when i try to open the game i get the following message:

    The program can’t start because d3dx11_42.dll is missing from the computer. Try reinstalling the program the program to fix this problem.

    any idea’s?

  • TANK

    where can i get the ali213 patch?

  • Gutten

    Hey, i would be very glad if i could get some help

    Phoenix 1.4 beta 7 wont let me unpack, it says “Select something to extract first” – though i allready selected the file, scanned it, selected all and made a map to extract to.

    Anyone who can help me? 🙂

  • N4gauge

    where can i find the ali213 patch or can give me the link to dl it

  • Komanderc380

    hye guys, i had download shogun 2 repack version size more than 8GB. the issue is the language are russian and i also search for local_en.pack in data folder but don’t have it… where can i download that English pack?

  • Soloo_tb

    ” Q5. Will Online/Lan work?

    Ans. No. Not yet. ”

    I wonder how many guys (30+)  play it on Tunngle (LAN). 😐


    •  You can play the older version (3272?) on LAN via Tunngle.  Afaik there is not an updated crack for 3444 or the newest patch.  If you know of one, or find one, lmk.

  • -=XL=-

     Is there anyway to update this game to ‘build 1.3’?

  • Red

    Everything goes just fine, till i need to give second disc in phoenix. I point it to disc 2,select the file and than it starts automatically extracting something. (without going to the phoenix sid unpacking window). And than after he finished the extracting he goes to phoenix sid unpacking window, asking what files to extract. I select the files (select all) and then it says he couldn’t find disc 1…Any ideas? cause i’m a bit confused overhere.
    Kind regards,


  • Tomikes17

    I need help!!I use phoenix 1.4 beta 7…..sim file:F:Total War- SHOGUN 2_disk1.sim click scan a sim file—>error No Such AppID – ‘34331’ (previous) _ ok again 34332—-> 34333,34334,34335,34336,34337,34338,3433934340,34341 and…Unknown GCF ID list (for this moment)

    and the files do not come to what should be unpacked…

    What to do?Tomikes17

  • genkin

    Thanks for these links. I actually bought the retail DVD version as I have very limited download limits. After installing it, Steam needed me to update the game with a 3GB file before I could play.

    Your files here (Phoenix and cracks) have helped me play the game I payed for without doing the 3GB update for now. Thank you for compiling this guide.

  • please

    by downloading the pack it is named dragon unpacker not pheonix

  • please

    in step 5 please tell where is on select sid file

  • Vist

    Anyone else having issues with naval battles (sometimes) causing the pc to freeze?

  • guest12

    I used the FLT version as seen here

    The game worked perfectly but I wanted update to direct x 11. So I used the patch 2 as seen here and when I launch the game by selecting direct x 11 it gets stuck on the creative assembly logo then crashes saying windows is working on the problem. This also happens after installing the latest build the 20mb patch.

  • RavenSilvermaine

    First of all thanks for the guide, I couldnt update the game w/out your guide. im currently in build 3444 (patch 6) and there is a new patch called patch 7, Do you know some site where I can download it? as U can see I cannot dl via steam.

    I hope I could hear from you 🙂

    • I looked and looked for patch 7 and could not find it. When I do I will post it here ,dont worry 🙂 

  • anonymous

    guys i think i figured it out…. to those of u having problems with “scan the sim file”
    mount the disc and copy all contents to a folder of your choice. then point the sid unpacker thingy to that folder and select sim file then hit scan!! dunno if itll work but ill get bak to this try it neway!!

  • Sean

    AHHHH!!!! Thank you so much! I spent 11 hours trying to figure out how to make it work then it dawned on me to just start from a clean slate and go through the steps again and it worked! But after you install crack v2, click on the 2nd from the right button on the bottom of the window and when the box opens, click yes. Seemed to work perfectly like that. Also, don’t forget to delete the movies with fr in the name when you change the language. thank you thank you thank you Max!!!! Time to conquer Japan. >:)

    • No Problem 🙂

    • Rouie_deleon

      where can i find crack v1 and crack v2

  • Farhad

    when i double run shogun i have this error: the program cant start because steam_api.dll is missing from your computer
    i install and update my steam but error not fix yet 🙁

    • Farhad

      its me,i have some crazy mistakes :))
      but now,when i click scan a sim file,i see 11atempt then see this “unknown GCF ID list” and then when i click select all there is noting to select! so when i click unpack program says select a file
      what should i do?

  • Fickdichdochinsknie

    Am i able to save with this version?

  • hank hill the boggle coach

    If you people are having trouble with phoenix not working correctly then try temporarily disabling your anti virus software you might have running. If you’re on webroot, just switch to gamer mode.

  • JackSparrow

    Why even try to cover your ass by saying I am not helping anyone pirate the game I assume you have bought it and need help installing when thats obviously bulls**t as you offering links for people to download illegal version of the full game,patches,dlc and crack, Why would anyone who has bought the retail version want to also download it, that would just be a waste of time.

    • Absolute

      I bought the retail version but I would like to play the game without steam because of my internet connection.  So there.

  • Semi

    I’m Getting a bunch of errors while installing “ali213” patch. Ican’t read the errors obviously but its showing the path to a file in the program directory and giving me three choices abort, retry, or ignore. any ideas on what i did wrong?

  • The_inane_potato

    Phoenix contains trojans. Ad-Aware caught them and has isolated them after a scan. Program still works.
    Watch yourselves out there.

  • Qosa_scotch

    Hey, I had a problem with missing steam_api.dll, si I downloaded it and put it in system32, but now I get the following error message: “the procedure entry point steamuserstats could not be located in the dynamic link library steam_api.dll”. Ive searched everywhere but I can’t find a solution to it :/


    a f***ing worm killed one of my pc’s because i downloaded phoenix! DON’T USE PHOENIX, EVER!

  • Advantage88

    i am already play the game, but when i save the game, and loaded it again the game come error, and out automatically, how to solve that??

  • A little problem …

    This application has failed to start because d3dx11_42.dll was not found.

    I think i did something wrong with the cracks … but i installed the fisrt one, and then the second version. What could be wrong ?

  • Ori Refael

    when i press the DVD thing in both crack it gives me an error which ofc i cannot understand cause its in Chinese..any help? 

  • Rycuu

    i had blue screan 🙁

  • asdasd

    But does multiplayer work, does avatar conquest work? And is it possible to get the dlc’s working?

  • Beergutjesus

    I have the skidrow 2 disc version. I cannot get daemon tools lite to mount. No mdx file on the disk. How do I get the discs ISO ready.

    • Amosqu

      use virtualclone drive or wincdemu
      if it doesn’t work, then burn to dvds

  • Benfricker1

    what about the product code on steam???????? can anyone help?

  • Kangminwoo17

    Dudes if this keeps making errors then lets just play Napoleon total war that is way easy to play then this…. (it depends on your mind 🙂 )

    • Kangminwooo17

      as I learned in Napoleon total war multiplayer  works and even Multiplayer campain

  • Rouie_deleon

    WHERE can i find crack v1 and v2???

  • Bad213Boy

    The latest cracked version is Build 4358. The only problem is that when you reach Turn 52, the game will crash every time you try to load the game. There’s some kind of copy write protection that checks the version of the game somehow through your saved game files. It make your saved games corrupted an unplayable.

    The only stable version is still Build 3444 with the Sengoku Jidai DLC. Sucks because I can’t figure out how to add Ikko Ikki.

  • Christ_lancer

    based on step 12 i couldnt see ali213 patch. i ve done with unpacker .sid and my destination folder be 16 GB. where is that

  • Nait0ku45

    Can i request for another file copy for the megaupload file thingy? I need to update my v1.1 3444 patch to 4358. Much help is appreciated. 😀

  •  Megaupload is dead so you’ll have to figure something else out.

  • SomebodyThatLovesTotalWarGames

    how about mediafire?

  • Guest

    I did everything and the game continues to crash on the inital screen.

  • Eocbelvo2011

    I bought the game from a shop and tried to install it but it wont work, it made me download a steam but the steam but it wont work, any ideas ??

  • Felipe 98

     What happen to ??1webCoreConfig@awesomium@@QAE@xZ:disqus    ????

  • Guero

    cannot enter btjunkie for steam  pak extracter

  •  Updating one’s graphics drivers is NEVER a great thing. There’s enough people that would agree with me.

  • Bobbykane12


  • Cuchuflicito

    hey anyone have the english files!!!! please upload them!!! 

  • Ryan

    I have a legit copy of the game on disc and want to install it on a computer that doesnt go on the net, is there a steam simulator to let me install?!

  • Brian

    Can you get the fall of the samurai with the READNFO-FLT I’m downloading this one and I would like to play it

  • CrvenaZvezdaBeograd

    Can somebody update the Download this file. Inside the zip is a torrent file. It has 4358 patch (AKA patch 10) and the Rise of the Samurai Pack. It also has all the DLC’s other than the Blood pack. It also includes the Directx 11 patch. Once its downloaded. Install it.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Thanks very much for doing this. I am not a ‘gamer’, but played Total War exclusively for a number of years… recently bought DVD disks of Shogun 2 on Ebay, got negged with bad Steam code… tried DLing and got non-working version… and on and on. Hope this works! Want to play so bad. Never used steam so hope running it is not too confusing. Will go Noob route, and report any issues. Thanks again.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    OK – got it started! FYI – for other noobs, I think the instructions should include the mention to add the “steam_f**ker.dll” to your firewall/antivirus exceptions, or else it will keep removing/quarantine/block that file before it can launch. Took me a minute to figure out. But it launches OK. Will report on how it runs after a few tries.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Question = will this version run the Darthmod thing? I heard good things about it, just curious. Don’t want to install that if it either slows the game down or blows the crack. Thanks